By Romantic - 15/01/2010 08:33 - United States

Today, I came home from a long day at work to find a path of rose pedals from the front door. Gasping with surprise, I followed it past the living room... past the bedroom... into the kitchen, where there was a note that said "Friends coming over tonight, we need food, love you!" FML
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skyeyez9 24

my husband tried to pull that shit on me once: Oh I invited some friends over so we need to get some more food. When he said "we" he really meant: I invited my friends over so I expect you to cook for them and clean up afterwards. What ever. He can cook for his own friends. I don't expect him to do that if I have my friends over our house.

perdix 29

Don't get any food -- just lay naked on your bed with your legs spread wide, and when everyone comes over, yell "Tuna tacos for everyone!" On second thought, you can buy a massive amount of Vienna Sausages and tell everyone that they are actual size replicas of your husband's dick. That'll show him!


CyclonePsycho 1

Hey, her significant other could have used pink bicycle pieces to get across the message because he couldn't afford roses. Don't judge.

If you're going to get picky about "pedals" you might as well get picky that it is supposed to be "pass" not "past". =/

well, you're wrong. it is actually 'past'

I'm right and wrong. Both work, I've just always been taught that pass was a reference to walk by something were as past was referred to time. Pass: to move past; go by: to pass another car on the road.

Actually, it's still wrong as the statement is in the past tense. Pass does not fit at all.

aww.. that's funny yet depressingg hahaa. xD i agree with #71, though, that would be a good ideaa

CyclonePsycho 1

Hey, not being picky or anal. Just teasing the OP. (And where'd that other comment go?)

lelanatty 0

pendatic, did you spell 'pedantic' wrong?

lickmyjock 0

Well played, and sammichs well made. I hope.

DNC2008 1

whats the fml? i don't get it? it says woman so its her job

Nice comment. More proof that you can educate ignorance, but you can't fix stupid.

logic718 0

at least he let you know in a sweet manner. I wouldn't have been mad at all

/Facepalm. Grammar Nazis on this site...

I know a lot of people make jokes about the Nazis, so we can all do our best to overlook it. But there are survivors still alive today. It's too soon.

Are you a Nazi about the use of the word Nazi? ;)

Wierdo24 0

hahahaha well get off FML and get to work!

nonameLiz 0

OH! ****** EPIC! how is this a FML???

Yea. I'm with #7. What's a rose pedal? Ohhh, you meant rose petal.

I can only imagine how people in Florida talk after the OP spelling petals as "pedals"

Its pretty bad, let me tell you from experience. The spelling here is horrible.

Given how you spelled a simple word like "it's," I'm not surprised!

nrose1000 0

SPELLING NAZI!!!! Seriously every1 cares about spelling and grammar here WTF do u think this is???? School mixed with burger king? srory bUt U c@nt a7Wayz ahve ti ur wAy weN ti cOmS 2 sp3771nG!!!

DanielleTheOne 3

LOL i know right!?! anyone get that weird email thing where all the spelling is totally stuffed and u could read it easy as pie?? I didnt even notice the mistakes because IM NOT LOOKING FOR THEM!!! as long as your not spelling like "Heyy Grls!! Lv yz tlk 2 yz l8rz" all the time then i dont care if u make mistakes!!!