By Lil Bro - / Sunday 17 July 2016 02:05 / United Kingdom - Smethwick
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By  WCARlover  |  34

Having your partner cheat on you would be heartbreaking enough but when there's a family me ever involved too...I can't even imagine how hurt you are. Sorry OP the word family means nothing to some people :(


Family is the only thing that should mean anything, but once you go ahead and do something like this to a family member, you should be treated like an outsider. I'm happy I don't have a brother to worry about fucking my girl, but if I did and caught them, I'd probably bring a metal bat upside both of their heads. Wanna cheat on me together, you can die together.


Who said the OP wanted to keep his brother close? Two wrongs may not make a right, but it sets my mind at ease knowing that after doing what I do they wouldn't dare cross me again. I wouldn't vote for revenge, I would vote to seriously fuck the brother up, but that is just me, and probably many other men (who have a damn spine)

  MattRHayden  |  4

i agree. if my brother ever tried to fuck my wife, I would literally drag him outside by his hair and commence to beat the holy fuck out of him. the Revenge doesn't mean you have to mess with his relationship, just his physical well being.