Timing is everything

By Anonymous - 27/01/2012 22:54 - France

Today, my girlfriend woefully admitted that she thinks of me more as a brother than as a boyfriend, all while I was still inside her. FML
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ByronJess 17

That makes you wonder exactly why she was still letting you sleep with her...

cjcstuart 7

Please tell me you pulled out...


SecretMe00 5

Was anybody else's first thought after reading this "wow"?

flockz 19

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ThisIsMyReign 4

You should have put in her ass for one last goodbye.

Why did she still let him have sex with her?

OP, ur most likely ex girlfriend has a timing problem....

nonamericandolla 6

Sorry about that! But u know most relationships are based on sex these days. That why I wanna meet the right person and marry him and then have sex

magicrock 8

Wait aren't boy/girlfriends or spouses supposed to be like your best friend or sibling? It's not supposed to be all serious you're supposed to have fun with them; like a friend.... BUT HEY THAT'S JUST ME!

Wow.. Sorry for that dude, must've been awkward D:

GovernorGeneral 8

You my friend, have just been friendzoned. Or maybe in this case..brotherzoned...

Thats ****** . I seriously have no words to make OP feel better . But hey, at least you had a goodbye sex?

Tell her that you think of her mother...all while still inside of her.

124 - Having a boyfriend and best friend? Quite possibly. Having a dual boyfriend and brother? **** NO!

Joe Dirt style. "You're my sister! You're my sister!"

How is that not a turn-on? Just kidding... mostly...

Thabb 0
ShroomsOnAcid 16

She must love soft penis. With all the fun of bendy spongyness, can you really blame her? Yes? Oh.

You never know.. OP didn't say whether or not stopped.

lebronesque73091 12
ByronJess 17

That makes you wonder exactly why she was still letting you sleep with her...

MichellinMan 20

exactly what I was thinking man.

pinkcrayola 0

Hey, some people are into that.

thenoobftw 3

She probably ***** her own brother 0.0... Run while you can!!!

140- Oh my. Did you deduce that inference all on your own?

cjcstuart 7

Please tell me you pulled out...

MichellinMan 20

pull out? I would've ******* bolted out the door, nude or not.

TheDrifter 23

Screw that, get your freak on and finish up. After all, girlfriends come and go but family is forever.

flockz 19

and a family member always cums first.

Na you gotta pretend you didn't hear her and when you finish be like wait what!?

jman3113 4
MichellinMan 20
kroekdog 7

At least the babies won't be messed up

GhettoXmuffin 7

Actually it's more likely for them to be "messed up."

And she was letting you have sex with her because..? That's creepy. Time for a new girlfriend. FYL

That's taking brozoned to a whole new level. I hope you got the hell out of there op!