By BookBabe - 25/03/2012 15:34 - United States - Panorama City

Today, I wore my new Brazilian thong bikini to the pool for the first time. I was lying face down feeling so sexy, until flies started buzzing my butt. FML
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yeah, because that's original and not at all annoying.

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Congrats! Want a cookie and some warm milk? -_-

It's funny to see all the comments about the idiotic first posters.

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What was number ones comment?? I missed it lol.

The comment was 'first', just if you're wondering.

49- I didn't see it either but based on the previous comments I think it was somewhere on the lines of "FIRST!!!"

As long as OP doesn't give anyone one of those Brazillian lap dances... *shudders*

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Swamp ass ? Genius, I think I'll use that from now on. Bwahahahaha

165 - How long has it been since you were in English class?

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Hahah love all the sanatorum references

Flies like a lot of "junk" in the trunk

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Or maybe stop wearing thongs to the beach.

Lol yeah sorry pool. Still my point stands... If it's a public pool :)

Agreed. In my opinion, if im out at the pool or beach or wherever, i dont wanna see a girls butt. If young kids were around, theyd be seeing way more than they should.

If op was at a private pool then she should wear what she wants, but if its in public then you really shouldn't be wearing that......and of you do you should really dosome cleaning in advance...

It doesn't matter, she needs personal hygiene.

They we just attracted by your sexiness

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They like to be all up there!

Skid marks are delicious feasts for all future fly maggots

whoopsies *were. well this is embarassing.. =_='

That's weird, I never saw that mistake untill you pointed it out xD

Yeah stuff happens.. it's just like "the awkward when blablabla" and you don't notice there's no moment... yeah

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Strange. I didn't notice the "were" but I noticed the word "moment" was missing lol

I hope you weren't at the community pool

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I was too. I'm all for women wearing bikinis so long as they have the body to wear one and the bikini covers the important bits but 99.99% of your ass shouldn't be showing in public unless it's a nude beach or if you want to look easy.

@ #72, wow I couldn't agree more, if you are comfortable with a bikini then wear one, the important part is that you accept yourself as who you are :-)!

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72 - Yes to each there own but trust me, there are some things I just don't want to see. They shouldn't feel free to look disgusting.....

Just because a woman is, let's just say... Curvier ... Doesn't mean they should be forced to cover up when it is socially acceptable for other, more petite woman to run around showing 98% of their bodies. I think it's great when i see women of all shapes and sizes indulge in wearing bikinis. As long as they feel confident and comfortable in their own skin, who are we to judge?

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#17: I think you mean a bit too little.

If you think that way then your original opinion of the thong bikini is a little hypocritical, no? The whole point is appropriateness... and a large woman (and by large I mean inappropriately overweight) in a two piece is just as disturbing as OP's ass.

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That happens all the time when I bust out my mankini.

Best comment of the night. :) thanks for the giggle.

@ #156 don't you mean jiggle........sorry my perverted teen instincts forced me to do that!

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Anytime you guys, glad you enjoyed it

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Lala, dipsy, po. sorry, your comment made me think of the telletubbies:-)