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By  Rijii  |  0

Uh...okay. First off, if you needed a tutor you should have done the homework yourself to search out a good tutor. Secondly, why would you pay a girl around your son's age (I'm assuming she is) to tutor him? Did they say they were classmates or that they were at least friends? Why couldn't she just help him out on her own without you shoveling out $20 bucks? WHY WOULD YOU AGREE TO PAY SOMEBODY TO DO A JOB WITHOUT KNOWING THE CREDENTIALS/IF THEY WERE DOING THE JOB? Because I'm assuming you just let them go right up to his room instead of in your sight to make sure that the hour was well spent?

YDI for being retarded.

  Rijii  |  0

#2 - Yeah, being offensive was kind of the point. Idiot.

Oh wait, I'm sorry. That wasn't very nice of me. Did I hurt your feelings over the interwebz?


  Rijii  |  0

Not that I honestly think the OP is an actual idiot, I just think it was a really stupid move on their part. You're not going to get any sympathy from me personally when the situation could have been handled better and it was YOUR fault that it wasn't.

I also just lashed out at #2 because I feel it's pointless and stupid to tell somebody over an internet forum (that shouldn't be taken seriously in the first place) not to call someone a name because "it's offensive". I didn't drop any racial slurs, I said he was BEING retarded. As in, not actually retarded himself, just did an act of retardation in this one particular example. I swear to God if somebody replies to this saying, "Well it's insulting to people who are actually mentally handicapped", I will e-slap you. People with mental handicaps sometimes do not very bright things because they can't help or control it. This was one of those situations, except the OP could have controlled it, so in this moment he was "being retarded".

Jeez, you people need to get off the internet sometime to enjoy life so you can understand when and when not to take things so seriously.

  redbluegreen  |  40

Mmm. You took it pretty seriously, considering it's just a comment.

But there's always other words you can use. Using swear words and disabilities to describe something tells me, personally, that someone doesn't really exercise their vocabulary, so they choose to use something that someone has no control over, for example, a disability, to describe something bad.

I am done. Reply as much as you feel the need to. I'm not reading it.

  Rijii  |  0

#9 - What does getting or not getting any ass have to do with anything that either myself or #2 posted (because your reply was not directed at anybody and you referring to somebody as "kid" doesn't clarify, either)?

"Oh man. I would totally be nicer in this post if only I had a dick inside my vag".

...Seriously, what? Do you not think before you speak in real life, too?

  Rijii  |  0

#15 - Oh shut the hell up and get off your fucking high horse. Would it have been better if I just said, "YDI for being dumb"? "YDI for not thinking things clearly"? "YDI for doing a stupid thing"? What fucking difference does it make?

Turning around to insult me, my intelligence, and my vocabulary (or "lack thereof") for using one particular word doesn't make you look any better than me.

And this is just me guessing, but I highly doubt you're not going to see this post because you're this "holier than thou, ooh look at me, I'm mature and ending it here and now" bullshit. If you weren't interested nor cared what I wrote or thought, you wouldn't have responded with anything in the first place.

  Puolukka  |  4

I'm actually rather wondering if they told OP that they were only making out and not studying as well or if the OP just assumed it. Because if the son really is bad at school and would require tutoring, then it should be in his girlfriend's interest to help him out...if she's really interested in HIM and not just his looks or whatever.

  CFR  |  0

Well assuming she knew what she was talking about, #38. Some guys tend to date girls who are dumber than door nails just because they're hot or whatever.

  zrjones  |  0

$20 is a little high per hour for tutoring. ydi. next time hire a girl that has moles and more facial hir than your son. than see if he still wants to fuck his tutor

  Simplicity1  |  0

$20 is actually pretty cheap for a tutor. & Btw, OP your son was probably doing a lot more than making out. Kids these days, I know. So is your son's girl a lot older than him?

  pozmc  |  0

why do people say kids these days? like it's our fault, the older generations have exposed us to sex and stuff like that through their movies and etc. and according to my mom, stuff like this happened when she was in highschool, and when my grandma was too...

plus, if i was hired to tutor my boyfriend I would actually help him because I care about him, I help him with his English papers all the time. unless the dad caught them making out and saw that his grades weren't improving, he shouldn't assume anything, but should get to know the girl and set some boundaries...

By  Nakedsquirrel  |  5

If you're one of those parents that doesn't let their son have girls over or go on dates for exactly that reason, your boy needs a high five. Restrictions like that ONLY make the carnal urges worse, and of course he's going to cheat the system in any way he can.

By  Okie7123  |  0

Aside from this being 1) Hilarious and 2) Increasingly clever as the son's potential age declines...this kid is going to run the next billion dollar Ponzi scheme. I'm calling it now.