By Anonymous - 29/06/2016 12:24 - United States - Houston

Today, a wasp ended up in the house. Normally, I'd just open a door to outside and run for cover, but my 3-year-old son was home, so I decided to be brave and kill it. It flew into the air vents. We're now playing wasp roulette every time we enter a room. FML
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There's only only solution. Get the gasoline, spread it everywhere and burn that house down. There is no other option

The wasp owns the house now, get out while you're still alive


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There's only only solution. Get the gasoline, spread it everywhere and burn that house down. There is no other option

Actually there is another option, op needs to give the wasp their 3 year old as a sacrifice

wait i thought that worked mostly for spiders since they cant fly

Good point - better make it plutonium. That'll fix it!

The wasp owns the house now, get out while you're still alive

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don't worry its just a wasp. keep a fly swatter handy and it'll come out of the vents eventually and you'll have a chance. good luck!

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Close all the doors and pray to god it dies in the cold air vents. Lol. And get the **** outside now.

Wow, chill, it's only a wasp... Unless someone in your family is allergic, it's not a big deal. I got stung by a wasp several times, it hurts for a while, but it's not that bad. Now, if it was a hornet, that would be more scary.

I got stung on the face once...and the stinger broke off in my cheek.

I am remarkably tolerant of most bugs -- I'm the person who will scoop up stray spiders and moths and beetles while everyone else is panicking and set them back outside -- but wasps/hornets/yellow jackets/etc. just freak me the **** out. I don't care which kind is worse than another; they all fly and sting and generally act like assholes. If I see one in the house I tend to barricade myself in another room until it is dealt with by someone else.

#8 then it probably was a bee. They lose their stingers when they sting, and die. Yeah, getting stung hurts, but if you heat the sting up to as hot as you can bear it (either turn up the hot water in your sink and let it run over the sting, or use one of those anti-sting heater gadgets from the drug store) for about a minute, the protein from the venom will be destroyed and the pain and itching stops immediately.

It was definitely a wasp :) I think the stinger hit my cheekbone, and that's why it broke. It wasn't like a honeybee where the venom sac was still attached. I saw the beginnings of the nest later and realized that's probably why it stung me.

I also have a huge fear of anything of the bee/hornet/wasp/ect. Group. When I got stung, it might not have hurt much but it basically sent me into a panic attack and it took me a good while to calm down. My mom is arachnophobic, she can't stand even seeing pictures of spiders and is scared of any spider whether it's dangerous or not. For many it's not as simple as "it's not bad/harmless get over it".

Open a beer. Enjoy 1/4 of it, and leave it on the kitchen table. Open a second beer, and take it outside and sip it while you play with your 3yo for a while. The wasp will find the beer in the kitchen, climb in, and drown in under an hour.

I can't help the feeling that, between the username and content of this message, it's sponsored by the Schlitz Brewing Company.

But nothing can be worse than this sorry excuse for a joke

I don't know about you, but I would rather get stung by a wasp than get captured by ISIS.


Home Depot has a really good wasp spray.

This is why the second amendment exists. Shoot that thing. SEND IT TO HELLLLL! (This has nothing to do towards mine or anyone else's political views on the second amendment)

Now I'm a great shot and if it's perfectly still I could do it, but do you really think that's the best option?

Of course. Full auto. I'm also completely joking, but thanks for the votes despite the majority of them being negative.