By nowimbroketoo - 22/07/2013 17:47 - Australia - Beaumaris

Today, the guy whose son I babysat for six hours straight confessed to being broke, then actually asked if he could pay me with sex instead. FML
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Assuming you declined, did he offer to pay you in Trident Layers after?


By removing all her clothes (or down to only underwear), jumping him, then hit him in the head with a lamp. That'll show him. Or just spit on his floor.

alexwow1 13

Tell his parents and gross

assassinbanana0 20

Considering he has a son, I think it's safe to assume he's too old to be told on by his parents

salazara 10

He just made an offer you shouldn't refuse ;)

\ 28

If both parties were strapped for cash then this should just be written off as a favor

^^ Can you help explain that logic to all my debt collectors.

Not necessarily. There are people under 18 who are already parents.

58 that won't work for you as I am sure your debt collectors are nott broke.

Assuming you declined, did he offer to pay you in Trident Layers after?

I love when Poseidon hangs out with me, too! Oh... well, that works, I guess.

SwaggCapone 11

I wish I got offered to be paid with sex

She's a chick, so guys would PAY to have sex with her. She'll just have to add the sexual favor to his tab, then.

IworkAt711 14

68- shes a babysitter, not a prostitute.

smc3106 25

Tell him to pay you, in food!

That's right, empty out the fridge so the poor child will have nothing left to eat! Now that's called business.

soldiat_fml 17

In the balls. If he can't afford one babysitting session for his kid, he doesn't need to have more.

Sorry OP! Background check next time?

RedPillSucks 31

Wow! Was the baby's mom his previous baby sitter?

Sounds like the plot of some weird porno.

It's the start to a lot of pornos. Usually a whole tag on it

Plot of some weird porno? Makes sense the guy with the Jiraiya avatar suggested it

gloooooria 14

6 hours of babysitting? The court costs would be more then that. But if you win I'm sure you could sue for that too. But who has time to sue for 6 hours of babysitting?

You Maybe don't know this, that crap don't work in the rest of the world, only in the US.

michael666 7

if its over 25 dollars in damage or loss' you can take it to court,

summerguy97 16

Yeah but I think that the work was under te table, so she wouldn't really have any legal claims. And 62, not all Americans are sue happy, and it is not as easy to file a claim as it seems.

he is right, could sue for sexual harassment and soliciting. Also given the age of most babysitters the poster may even be underage, another charge against him.

websphere69 27

That is just plain rude and inexcusable. ..

Damned_Architect 25

This man is scum and isn't worthy of being a father. if he can't pay a babysitter now, what wont he be able to pay for his child in the future? Sorry OP that this happened to you, but I feel worse for the kid!

And what if he was at work? Working to get money to support him and his family. To me at least it sounds like he was embarrassed and said sex to try and lighten the mood.

Damned_Architect 25

Thanks for replying with a possible alternative, but I doubt it was like that. The broke father could just have explained that he was short on cash and offered an apology and an IOU. This guy didn't do that to OP, he just offered his penis to her instead. Which suggests that he plans to get through life with his dick instead of money.