By parent - 08/03/2018 01:30

Today, I found out that my son has been telling me he's gay so we would allow the "female friend" who is actually his girlfriend to stay over. FML
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Donut_Wizard 23

This sounds like some sort of millennial soap opera.

azouwa 26

We will be aware of the genes we pass on. Intelligent. Conniving.


azouwa 26

We will be aware of the genes we pass on. Intelligent. Conniving.

This was actually a plot point in the US TV series SIRENS.

It was the whole theme of “Three’s Company!”

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Zekfen 17

He is a horny teenager, I doubt he really cares about much beyond getting off.

Im gay and idgaf about this. He knew his parents wouldn't shun him. I had no idea about my family. I would say that is progress at least somewhat.

Try not to let it bother you. This is great progress. The boy knew his family would support him, he knew he could safely “pretend” to be gay ... when I was in High School neither of these things were even remote possibilities.

AzrielB 8

This is what happens when the stigma against being gay becomes less than the stigma against teens having sex

No matter the FML. There always has to be a triggered millennial...

Maybe he’s testing the strength of his gayness. If you want biological grandchildren, you should root for his “friend” to succeed!

bobsanction 18
Luke16eirb7deneuwn1 20

This sounds like an episode of two and a half men...

You deserved it. Let him have a girlfriend you *****.

Who ever said he wasn't allowed to have a girlfriend? Calm down, dude.

LOL genius. One of my favourite parts of being a lesbian was never being questioned or having any suspicion about staying over at my girlfriend's houses. He reversed it.