By Charity - 20/3/2017 17:00 - United States

Slashing Prices Left and Right!

Today, I tutored a kid for two hours, for $25 an hour. When it came time for them to pay, my mother told the kid's parents that they could give me ten bucks for the whole thing. She does this a lot. FML
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By  Mal Pearce-Parra  |  3

Don't let your parent bully you out of money. If you need to tutor at the library or at the parents house do what you need to do. I say this as a parent. Also, before you do that, ask your parent in a calm manner why they don't want you to learn how to make and handle your own money and why they undermine your entrepreneurial spirit and devalue your hard work. If you've mastered a subject well enough to tutor it you deserve to get paid what you're asking if the parents of the child agree to it. There needs to be open communication with your parent. Maybe they are mentally unhealthy, if that is the case and it turns into a fight then just tutor elsewhere and put your money in a student account at the bank that they don't know about.

  Danne696  |  14

If you overrule her on the spot it would probably make you look greedy/bad in front of the kid's parent who is also your customer. Unjustified, but once given the idea that 10$ is enough, 50$ would seem like too much for many people. The fault lies completely with OP's mom for putting OP in that situation.

By  Isamermaid  |  17

I would definitely put my foot down and have a talk with her.
Tell her you had an agreement with the parents.
Tell her it's important you earn money for whatever your reason is- probably saving for college.
And tell her you'd appreciate her not interfering anymore.

By  samomaha  |  16

Correct your mother immediately the next time she does this. "I'm sorry, the price is as we agreed, $50 for the two hours at the correct price of $25 per hour."