By Pumpkin - / Saturday 18 July 2009 02:00 / United States
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  Suffertree  |  0

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  budtian  |  0

haha wow, that's actually a good plan but wtf why did he even bother telling you now?? like i wouldnt haha just keep thinking hes gay whatever and then on the day of the wedding oh oops btw, did i mention i was never gay?? lmfao


You know #40, being gay isn't wrong. And I find the phrase 'cocksucking faggot' really offensive. You are one close-minded asshole who needs to grow up. OP, sorry your kid lied to you.

  genius_man16  |  0

Agreed. And she is close-minded not because she didn't let girls come into his room, but because she DID let them in his room when he was "gay''. If she just didn't allow girls into his room period this wouldn't have happened.

  ElliexMarie  |  0

HA ; Your son in an EPIC WIN . YDI for not letting him have girls in his room & being so strict and close minded . A good parent would let him have girls in his room , seriously ; WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU .

  melocardio  |  0

Actually, she must be fairly open-minded to have accepted a "gay" son. I mean, really, how many close-minded parents would be ok with that. Furthermore, he wouldn't have told her that he was gay if she wouldn't be open-minded about it. I mean, to claim being "gay" to anyone, especially to one's parents, under any circumstances is difficult when you don't know how they will react and somewhat impossible when you know that they would hate it.

Clearly sending the message that she, as a parent, doesn't approve of premarital sex is a good thing.

  whocares111  |  0

wow that is one smart kid, and who doesnt let there son have girls in his room, if hes got a girlfriend, its not like hes gonna have sex with any others....maybe

  roggers  |  0

haha, that must suck. being lied to from your kid about that just so he can get laid. fyl and ydi. fyl because you're gullible and ydi because you believed him and does he even act gay? dress gay? look and sound gay?

By  Sirrush  |  0

haha, that's a great idea, very original. But seriously, if you were a bit open minded with him you could have avoided this... I'm also kinda wondering just how you found out.

  diet_otaku  |  0

how is the OP not open-minded? for not automatically letting her son fuck an assortment of girls in his room? only a terrible parent would tell their teenager "sure, honey, you can fool around with girls in your room, just be sure to use protection!"

  blargity  |  0

#157 she probably assumed that he was going to have sex with girls even though maybe he only wanted to have privacy with them
like making out or something like that
or maybe watch movies/play games/read fml's/talk in private
why do most people on here assume the worst possible things about others?
and yes she is a close minded mom

  Hich17  |  0

I swear, every time someone posts something on here about being a parent, they get torn to pieces for being close-minded, or overbearing, or SOMETHING. What's wrong with trying to raise your children with some VALUES?!

  sjks  |  0

values do come into play because shes the mother, it's her house and her rules....just because they werent allowed in the bedroom doesnt mean they had no privacy, most likely they had another place to hang out in the house away from parents. Depending on his age itd be inappropriate for them to be alone in the bedroom or having sex and he should respect the rules instead of lying

  Lummy  |  0

Murder and abortion are the same thing, people just say they are different things to make themselves feel better. Don't be closed minded. Just because the law doesn't punish abortion doesn't mean it isn't still a way of murdering someone.

  LaLaJoy  |  2

#299 - Teenage sex is different from teenage pregnancy. It's not "you have sex, you automatically get pregnant, and your life is instantly ruined." If a teen were to come to their parent about having sex and do so responsibly, there shouldn't be a problem with it, but not all parents are that understanding.

#399 - How inflated is your ego if you think that someone who doesn't agree with your learned opinion is being closed-minded?? Some people believe that human life begins with fertilization; others belief that it begins at a further stage in a fetus' development, and so on. You don't seem to understand that people who have abortions may have different (and perfectly ethical) beliefs, and that they may not be cold-blooded murderers trying to "make themselves feel better." Sorry to say it, but you sure sound closed-minded to me.

  Gradius  |  0

A foetus with about five neurons to its name with a brain the size of a grain of sand and a fully grown human being are not the same thing. Until the 6/7th week of pregnancy the baby doesn't even have any brain activity so it's literally as concious as a house-plant.

Now I'm not going to debate wether abortion is right or wrong BUT I have to say that you just can't compare abortion to murder... it just isn't the same.

  Hanipan  |  6

She's so closed-minded that she accepted her son when she thought he was actually gay.

Yeah, fuck her - how DARE she support equal rights, and being open to all sexualities!

You and everyone else claiming that OP is closed-minded are total idiots.
I'd instruct you to have children so you can see things from her point of view, but we wouldn't want the stupidity to spread.

By  kpanchal  |  0

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  PumpkinTarte  |  0

I find it perfectly reasonable that a parent doesn't let other girls in his son's room, especially if he's a teen. It actually would be irresponsible if the parent didn't. Gosh some teens think the world just revolves around them don't they.

  nativebacon  |  0

#12 - Of COURSE teenagers think the world revolves around them! You're 15, you know how it feels to "always be right!" lol

I'm 21, and I'm still coming down from that cloud. Hehe...

  shirvon100  |  0

i lie on a regular basis to my parents about going to the movies with just guy friends because they flip if i tell them girls are going to be there, now if you ask me that sounds pretty close minded i 14 and im not even aloud to go to boy girl parties.It kills me slowly......

  diet_otaku  |  0

you're only 14, your parents just don't want you getting in over your head with girls. i'm sure they would be happy to let you go to boy/girl parties if there were a chaperone there. but a group of 14-year-olds of mixed gender hanging out unsupervised? that's just asking for trouble.

  batches  |  0

#5 that's a bit harsh.... she seemed to be ok with him being gay how does that make her a shity mom? her fml is cuz her son lied to her to fuck girls in his room.

  Setareh23  |  34

162- there's a big difference between not being allowed to go to movies with the opposite gender, and not being allowed to stay in the same bedroom with the opposite gender.

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