By Anonymous - 07/10/2009 23:12 - United States

Today, I found out that the student tutor my son advised me to hire was my son's girlfriend. I have been paying her $20 an hour for the last 3 weeks to make out with my son in his room. FML
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Damn thats smart on your sons part. $20 an hour to bang his gf.

jasmine1259 2

how did you not figure that out?


Wow you payed for your son to sleep with his gf wow now that's a new level of prostitution

Thinking this. You sure it's "girlfriend" and not "hooker"?

TheRealEllieSan 9

We don't know what they were doing, all OP really knows is that they were in the room together. Being paid to be in the same room with someone is not prostitution.

Don't complain. Pat your son on the back and admit defeat.

At least you don't have a gay EPIC to say the least

Who gives a shit if he's gay. Gays are people too. So shut up.

Cool kid. He's going to be successful in life.

HAHAH! What an awesome idea. But i doubt that would ever work with my parents. LMAO!

Already making his way quickly to the top of the pimp chain. /High-fives all round for him..

lol mercy, when you were in that coma, could you feel your brain being damaged?

Don't blame him. I had a serious crush on my tutor as well lol. I seem to be attracted to slightly older women.

yeah... like your momma

Well... he could be stupid or gay.. he's neither.. so, you're pretty well off

Well, he's probably pretty close to stupid since his parents TRIED to get him a tutor

Anyways it is better than stupid AND homophobic, like in your case.

how good it is...