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By  towboatdude  |  8

Daddy gets daughter a job= congratulations. Daddy thinks he's making more money= I've got one over on her. Daddy finds out she's making more than him= fuck. Daddy finds out she's sleeping with the boss= priceless. For everything else. It's the vagina wins.

By  brootalxkeni  |  11

why fyl? you should be proud that she is making more. you should always want your kids to be better. as for the boss, you should be happy for her. ydi for bitching


Today, my class and I were discussing our country's relationship with other countries. One person stated that the French have never done anything for us. A classmate took that moment to chime in and ask, "I thought the French gave us that giant statue of the Mona Lisa?" He was dead serious. FML

By crazymentalblond - / Thursday 17 November 2016 11:47 / United States - Havertown
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