By abnormallyadam - 09/02/2016 13:08 - Australia - Footscray

Today, I found out that the guy I've been crushing on for months is actually 15 years old. I'm 22. Not only is it gross, but it's also illegal. FML
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Age is just a number and jail is just a room.

gabechriswill 19

I remember being in 8th grade and there were 6ft tall students with full beards. sometimes people bloom early, just move on OP. plenty more dudes out there.


This is mostly your own fault.

Was supposed to automatically know what the kids age was? it's an honest mistake.

OP, just wait 7 years and you two will be the same age!

Cyrus00 41

EvilTurtle, do you know how time works?

I was being sarcastic but I shall embrace the down votes

Hey #34, has the thought crossed your mind that people quite commonly lie about their age?

Age is just a number and jail is just a room.

But Hulga is not "just" your roommate ;)

Goblin182 26

Think of it as a gated community

cloudydays 10

criminal record is permanent...

I can tell that 90 is fun at parties.

Very tall gates ...with shiny razor wire on top!

Daelynn_17 19

It's not like you had his license right in front of you and as long as you have moved on, dont be so hard on yourself :) lots of other people in the world to crush on :)

Ouch. You probably should have known his age if you were crushing on him for months

The way op says "not 22" makes it seem like he lied on social media or something so she had every reason to assume he was older

I_Am_Melanie 15

She didn't say "not 22." She said "I'm 22."

If it was just a crush from afar that never cumulated in conversation until now there ISN'T any way to know. There are teenagers 15 and sometimes younger with full face, arm, leg and/or chest hair. Looks are all based off genetics, not age. Does it make it right for OP to persue the attraction? Not at all. And judging by OP ending with it being gross I highly doubt they will. Relax. Accidents happen. Hell, I'm 25 and am asked on occasion at work "Shouldn't you be in school?" And yes, they mean high school. I take it as a compliment and look forward to looking in my 20's when I'm pushing 40.

Ya, I'm assuming this is a crush from far away where they have very little, if any, communication. In which case there was no way op could've known. I'm kind of wondering where op would be seeing this guy. Maybe she works in retail and he comes to her store sometimes?

Swandive235 27

Perhaps wait 3 years. And sometimes love works in strange ways. Anyhow, sorry about your predicament.

Umm, no. Don't wait three years. There is way too much life to live to wait for some kid to grow up.

Hopefully in three years OP will have matured as well as they will then be 25 which is still a different mindset than a barely 18 year old. It's one thing if they met as consenting adults but if OP waited for a kid to be legal that's creepy...

Or move to Denmark. 15 is The legal age here :P

121 - And kidnap the kid along with her? Nah...

{{ packing my bags for my move to Denmark}}

couple of months legal age is 16 in Australia

The age of consent is 16 in MOST of Australia, but it's 17 in Tasmania and South Australia. There are exceptions that make consensual sex legal if the two people are of similar ages.

Age of consent in the US is actually 16 in most states. Look it up

gabechriswill 19

I remember being in 8th grade and there were 6ft tall students with full beards. sometimes people bloom early, just move on OP. plenty more dudes out there.

#22 when did he ever say or imply that? All he said was an example of how some people could look older. A six foot tall person with a full beard definitely looks older than 8th grade.

#22 what are you talking about? No one said being 6ft tall had anything to do with being "grown up".

Height seems like a touchy subject for #22

When I was 14 I looked and sounded 17-18. Can't blame OP here.

You think 5'11" is short? Please, that's higher than average. I'm 5'9" and I think I'm perfectly fine at my height. :)

I'm 5'2... if 5'11 is short I must be a midget

22/37- just stop digging dude. You already hit bottom...

I'm curious as to what 22/37 said that made all these comments. It looks like the moderators may have taken his comments right off cause there not showing up here for me. It's actually kinda funny to read everyone's responses without those comments. Makes me want to just agree and go "seriously 22. Grow up" or something. Lol.

Jachin357 28

in all fairness a lot of young teens these days look way older and are more developed than before. I know lots of people that would go for a teenager only for discover their age, then back off.

I first met my hubby when he was 20 and I was 14. After a few walks conversation got around to age for the first time and when we realized the huge age gap we both backed off. (What can I say, he was a late bloomer and had almost no facial hair.) 13 years later we met again, coincidentally. That age gap didn't feel so big anymore.

See that's a nice story of a healthy relationship with an age difference. Not all gaps are bad but a child and adult is not okay.

if you're 22 & he's 15 what situation did you guys meet in where you wouldn't know his age?

maybe the kid works at a grocery store or something that OP frequents

Why has no one mentioned online dating??

because 15 year old children don't online date???

You would be surprised if you knew how many kids use Tinder and similar apps, #106.

Nothing illegal about a crush. Don't act on it, obviously, but you haven't done anything wrong by being attracted to this boy.

I don't think it's any more wrong that way... Also, how do you know OP is female?