By Carlah - 17/03/2020 20:30

Today, I found out that the 19-year-old I've been seeing is really 26, with two kids and a pregnant fiancée. I'm only 17. FML
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I’m sorry some humans are so disgusting

Depending on the laws and age of consent where you live, that might be statutory rape. He could go to jail for that.


Young looking 26, huh?

So she didnt show any signs of being engaged or having kids ?

No, but I'm pretty sure "she" showed signs of being a man.

You must feel silly.

Wow-that man’s got a lot of love to share. Lucky you!

Depending on the laws and age of consent where you live, that might be statutory rape. He could go to jail for that.

Can people just stop throwing the word rape around, whenever there is sex involved... Rape is when it’s against their will. She most likely consented, of they even had sex yet. Also there is no mention of and other connection between them warranting a special liability like a teacher student kind of thing. Since she thought hes 19 she actually basically said there is no such connection. With 17 most people are psychologically evolved enough to decide. And of she is and did, this was definately not rape.

Look up the textbook definition of "statutory rape." It's a legal term. It means simply "sexual intercourse with a minor." As noted on ageofconsent[dot]net, "The key difference between statutory rape and rape is that the only deciding factor between legal sexual activity and statutory rape is age. Lack of consent or use of force may increase the extremity of the punishment, but does not need to be involved in the sexual contact for statutory rape to have occurred." The age of consent varies from state to state, but it generally ranges from 16 to 18. So whether this was the crime of Statutory Rape depends entirely upon the age of consent where these events took place.

I’m sorry some humans are so disgusting

Run! And don’t look back!

Some of y'all are really making light of a child being taken advantage of by someone almost 10 years older than her, smdh. Sweetie not only are you better off without him and he should be ashamed on a lot of levels, but if he's done anything with you I would def be telling police if you're under legal age

Poor kid, should take a break from dating and go ahead and tell the police about the pedophile

Well someon's about to catch a case...