By Grevling - 20/7/2009 19:07 - Norway
Today, I found out that the guy I've been dating for the past 7 months, who insisted on keeping us a secret because it was "too soon", is proudly showing off his new 19 year old girlfriend he met a month ago. FML
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By  Rascal_620  |  0

*sighs* Its stories like these that make it so hard for me to trust my boyfriend. I suggest you not be so naive about trusting your boyfriend. Its CLEAR he was hiding something if he wanted to keep it quite for seven months without a logical reason other then 'its to soon'. Guys are naturally horny and they would want to show off you to their friends so if he didn't do that its a red alert something is up.

By  Fire_lights  |  0

Seven months? Really? Even if he honestly thought it was "too soon", seven months is a ridiculously long time not to inform ANYONE that you have a girlfriend. Sweetie, by the second month of him keeping it a secret you should have realized something was wrong.

  cutebebe778  |  0

Exactly. It's blatantly obvious if you're going out with someone who wants to keep the relationship a secret, something is VERY wrong. He should be happy & proud to be with you. YDI for making yourself so naive.