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Today, I found out that my wife gave me head lice on purpose so I would have to cut off the ponytail that I've been growing since '99. FML
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i agree. old man hippies are ew. and when were man ponytails ever in style?

So THAT's where I got my head lice. Let's both bitch slap your wife.

This should have read: "I kept a ponytail growing for 10 years. FML."

So that's where all those stereotypes come from. Now we just have to figure how this all plays into to racism.

I don't see why so many people put YDI. SOME guys can pull off a ponytail, not all but some. Either way, it sucks that your wife got rid of it in such a bitch way.

I agree it was kind of below the belt of the wife. But honestly? I think out of every guy i've ever seen with a pony-tail, only ONE could pull it off... and that was a gentleman who WAS a hippie, ran a overnight camp in the mountains, and yet, held himself in a very respectable and dignified way. But it wasn't long or straggly. He kept it maintained. Most guys I see with long hair don't take care of it. You need product, primping, time, to take care of long hair.

#106 - exactly. i see so many guys who use long hair as an excuse to just not do anything with it ever. which is sad, because some guys would look really good with long hair if they just took care of it.

I remember my 5th grade teacher had long hair - and every day it was always neat and clean. Almost never a hair out of place, yet it never looked like it had product on it. It was very odd, but very attractive. So yes, a man can pull off long hair. And can look very, very good with it.

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i disagree. i have a ponytail that i've been going for 8.5 years. i am long from a hippy. not everyone who has long hair is a hippy, not all people with long hair old. i am 24 and am doing quite good for myself. in fact i think all who do pot and slack off to be the lowest common denominator. to OP: that really sucks man. personally i'd use the chemical and take the time to comb it all out. if you really had to cut your hair you could have donated it or if it has been dyed you could have sold it. either way i am sure they could have cured you and something good would have happened. i guess i lucked out my GF likes my hair. FYL

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You can only get lice if you have clean hair - they can't live in oily/greasy hair. If his hair wasn't clean, the lice wouldn't have taken hold

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Maybe 12 year old girls in '98. that's about it though.

How long is your hair? My hair has been known to grow 10 inches in 4 years, but I don't think that's typical.

You could have just soaked your hair in vegetable oil...

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HAHAHA Look at all these emo ****** cocksuckers who think they are cool because they are going with the norm. You faggots are bigger sheeps than the sheeps themselves. I'd Slit her throat and **** the wound (SlipKnoT FTW!!!!!) if I were you.

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WHY ARE PEOPLE HATING ON HIPPIES? Recycling, free love, weed, acid, and good music. I don't see ONE bad thing there. I'm sick of people being nasty. I love long hair. My boyfriend's hair is halfway down his back and beautiful. I might cry if he cut it.

You're disgusting.You're one of the ridiculous kids who have been to maybe five shows in his whole life.Who think that because he knows where a venue is he's badass. That camo cargo shorts,and shirts with the arms ripped off is cool,and a bandana will cover your forhead acne. Who call a show a concert, and thrashes around like an idiot trying to hit people.I spit on people like you at a show.Who shops at Hot Topic because he thinks its a "HXC" place to shop. Grow up,get a job, and stop having your mom take you places,cause you obviously are just a 15 year old boy trying to be angry with the world cause your parents won't buy you new hightop camo converses. You.Fail.At.Life. #210.

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my hair's grown about 6 inches in the last year... my friend never cuts his hair as a part of his religion (Sikhism) and he says it's about to his waist, and that at a certain point it just stops getting longer

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YDI for being a totally douche

I don't care how good you think you look with long hair, pony tail, whatever... Long hair on a guy just does NOT look good. The wife prob knew she'd never convince him to cut his hair short so she had to resort to being sneaky. She's the one that has to be seen with him. As women, we are expected to put a good amount of effort into our appearance (hair, makeup, etc) Her husband could at least think about how his pony tail is an extremely outdated look left only to biker dudes and wannabe rockers still stuck in the 80s. Any respectable woman would try to get her guy to cut his ponytail off. Maybe someday he'll look back at pictures of himself and realize how stupid he looked with it.

A pony tail on a guy is an extremely outdated look left only to biker dudes and wannabe rockers still stuck in the 80s! NO guy looks good with one! This guy should feel lucky that his wife put up with that hair for as long as she did.. The wife prob knew she'd never convince him to cut his hair short so she had to resort to being sneaky. After all, she's the one that has to be seen with him! As women, we are expected to put a good amount of effort into our appearance (hair, makeup, etc) her husband could at least try to do the same. Any respectable woman would try to get her guy to cut his ponytail off, or never date a guy like that to begin with. Maybe someday he'll look back at pictures of himself and realize how stupid he looked with it.

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HAHAH #46 that was good. how did she transport the lice to your head tho? sneaky woman

Hm, let's see. I see acid there. And weed. And free love. Which amounts to brain damage and STDs. Plus the music wasn't really all that good either.

firstly, I hate hippies and they can all go and **** themselves. secondly, guys with long hair r fags

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If this guy has been growing it since 1999, he probably isn't as young as 24...personally, for a guy, long hair screams either hippy or needs to grow up because he thinks he is a rock star. However, if he has been growing it that long, then she knew what she was getting into when she married him. Intentionally giving head lice is screwed up though...especially because you can get other diseases from them...that's just wrong.

How the hell is he 15, his WIFE made him cut his hair

The head lice or the ponytail? I''d vote ponytail. If I were you, I'd just be glad she didn't leave you.

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omg!! greendarthpotato your profile pic is rise against! you have now been promoted to general awesome shat! ........o.O

I was looking through the comments, and I noticed your profile pic was Rise Against. You are officially deemed an amazing human.

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haha ya she cut off her pubes and put them on your pillow

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Yeah, really, wtf. You don't have to cut off your hair because you have lice, they have treatments for that! YDI for thinking that lice = cutting off your hair.

That was my first response...cut if off?? Does that even help against head lice? Man, I could barely bring myself to cut mine off when I was interviewing for jobs. It'll grow back, though - mine is! :-D

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#4- It's not the act of cutting off his hair that was the issue. It was that his wife willingly inflicted him was a PARASITE in order to make a point.

Sad, but you dont have to cut off your hair when you have lice usually, do you? I have known people who have had it and they didn't have to.

I had it once, and I didn't have to cut my hair. It's just an easy way to solve the problem I guess.

Shhhh! Do you want OP's wife to come and give you lice too just for informing him on that

Not required one bit. My hair is pretty thick and all it took was painstakingly picking every single one of the little buggers out and using some chemical thing a couple of times.

You didn't have to cut your hair to get rid of them... you know that, right?

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Well I've had lice and I have really thick hair, I had to lather my head in vasoline to kill them all. Thank God my hair was short. But if he's been growing his hair for 10 years, think about how long his hair must be now. He would have to cut at least some of it off to rid himself of all lice and eggs. But I don't think he would've had to cut all of it off. . .

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#72, vasoline wouldn't ruin change or damage your hair? Anything like that?

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uhm.. its about time then huh grandpa?

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I've been growing my hair out for the past 10 years. Because I'm Native American. I've been told I, as a guy, can look good with long hair. I also get A LOT of attention from girls because of it.

just give her crabs on purpose then- an eye for an eye

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an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

So murderers should get a chance of escaping prison and continuing to kill?

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omg are you ******* kidding me? were gonna get into death penalties and shit like that over a comment?