By lawliet_L - Canada
  Today, I was going to check out my secret condom stash. When I looked inside, I found a note. The note read: "Thanks hun, I really needed this. Love, Mom". FML
lawliet_L_fml tells us more :
1) it doesn't matter that i'm a teen or not. 2) i have a boyfriend i've been dating for about a year. so i'm not a whore. stfu 3) she didn't take any, and it was to the situation. 4) we talked about it and it's fine. because: 'if you wanna make love, use the glove'. no joke she said that. so i'm relieved now gotta hide 'em from dad. XD and yes my parents are together for the person who asked. :)
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  genius_man16  |  0

good one #22. Because having sex while living with your parents is totally the end of the world that will result in death.

god, ignorance like you makes me rage. And i don't even care if you're a troll, because there are people who honestly think like that.

  Sandstorm_fml  |  0

I think the message could be taken two different ways.

1) "Thanks. I needed these so I could go have sex."


2) "Thanks. I really needed another thing to worry about along with the other shit in my life."

I'm leaning towards the second, just because he said "this" as in the whole condom situation, and not "these", referring specifically to the condoms.

  FarSide  |  22

Really? That's all it takes to send you into a rage? Wow Genius, in that case, you got a bad, bad case of FML.

Your future includes a cell (and I don't mean phone), and a girlfriend named Bubba.

  FarSide  |  22

You should leave a message in her "bra and panty" drawer that says:

"You are welcome. Daddy had been begging to do it bareback, and now I have no excuse to say no."

  genius_man16  |  0

Really FarSide? So my online comment instantly means that I have uncontrollable rage in real life that will result in me going to jail?

Yes, that makes sense. And I'm supposedly the one with the fucked up life? At least I don't take the internet so seriously. And before you go on about how I did, I wasn't talking about the internet, I was talking about real people with real opinions.

Oh, and just so your small mind can comprehend it, when I say "rage" I don't mean Hulk rage, I mean more the sort of frustration that makes people go out and do something about it. Just so you know.


"Genius man" people like you make me sick. There is nothing wrong with pointing out the fact that teenagers should not be having sex! OMG I don't care if they use condoms, it's fucked up. Yeah, I had sex when I was 16 but it was a huge mistake. Stop thinking that you're some enlightened genius because you accept that which is perverse.

  mrtristan14  |  0

I lost my virginity to my current gf when i was 15 and we are both now 16 and have been dating for 9 months now.

Best relationship of my life so far.

I honestly don't understand why some people wait till marriage.


I'm a Christian and I don't believe in sex until marriage. But I also don't care if other people do. Their choice. I respect other peoples choice if they want to be sexually active, I expect the same in return.

Also, I plan on marrying another Christian, so if two virgins get married, have sex - they don't have anything to compare it to, so the other person won't feel like their husband/wife is thinking about someone else. :D

  snocap12  |  0

i agree with that so much!!! im not saying u have to wait til marriage..but one partner is enough...u dont need to feel like u are being compared to some standard....

  Shilokitten666  |  19

Actually, its was legal longer to have sex under the age of 18 then its been illegal to, and psychologically speaking its people like you that are the reason tennagers are having sex to begin with, you cant tell someone not to do something and expect them not to, it only fuels the fact and makes them more likely to do it, same with all laws, thats why they get broken

  mkcherry  |  14

you know people fantasize about people they haven't had sex with all the time. the fact that two virgins are having sex does not mean that at some point they wont fantasize about sex with other people. Thats a rather naive point of view.

  Bored_2_Death  |  0

Thank you! Someone who understands!!!

It makes me mad when people think that you have to like lose everything or something horrible like losing a leg has to happen for it to be an FML.

  FarSide  |  22

No, it just makes her a "disrespectful whore". She is a whore no matter where she lives and does "it", unless she is married. If you don't like it, sue Funk & Wagnall.


  tubaguy42  |  0

you don't know that. the OP could be having sex twice a week while the mom just had sex for the first time in ages. how can you possibly know their levels of activity by reading this?

By  bass1989  |  0

wtf "5?
not everyone can afford to move out, i'm 20 and still live with my mum, and me and my girlfriend have sex, just when the house is empty, how the fuck dos that make you a whore?

  bexox  |  0

Maybe he's in college. It's hard to have enough time in college to balance out studying AND working enough hours to pay rent and bills. It's not uncommon to be in college and live with the parents.