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  SpyroMello  |  29

Lice doesn't necessarily make someone gross. I had lice twice, and I showered daily. I only got it because I went to a salon for s haircut where apparently some sanitation codes were violated and a breakout of lice occurred. My parents didn't want to wash my bedding after I got rid of it and boom I got it again.


Nobody likes the idea of their person being infested with anything. I was always told lice don't like to live on people who have dirty scalps because they have a harder time feeding. A clean head is like lice nirvana so the stigma that you're "gross" if you happen to get them is stupid.

Also, they stopped doing monthly lice checks in my county's schools. Apparently, because infested people aren't really harmed by the louse, it isn't worth checking. If they see you scratching a lot they send you to the nurse but there is no real prevention to keep them from taking over the schools

  sweetbliss3  |  37

lice hate tea tree oil so use that for showering. and Listerine works too instead of the otc stuff, but you have to do it for 3 days though. just make sure you get all the eggs out. and don't forget to wash every single thing in your house. good luck.


I've also found that just using lots of conditioner, a wide tooth comb and a lice comb works, if ypu don't want to use tea tree oil or Listerine. You just gotta comb thoroughly, rinsing the comb after every brush. It took me three washes to be totally lice free last time I tried that method. Don't forget to get the nape of your neck!