By Baldy - 03/04/2011 09:16 - New Zealand

Today, my wife told me that she was leaving me for someone with more hair. FML
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Tell her you were planning on leaving her for someone with less stretch marks.

wheresmyfood 0

:O pull her hair out!


problem solved- gi shave the other guy or get a wig!

^ I agree with this. :D

It was meant to be a joke -_-

so was your mom

lol 68, that was funny, puppy(:

go fuck yourself 68! why do assholes like you always have to attack the person's mom? do you even know her you dipshit? btw my first comment wasn't supposed to be posted here, it was a mistake. but 68, you're still a piece of shit.

Actually the puppy does know your mom he, told me he did

everyone knows 58/103's mom, she's gets around(;

fuck you people, and your moms for raising such assholes as yourselves. But then again its my fault for trying to place some decency with disgusting and senile people on fml. goodbye you mom fuckers! :) harmdey fudhu ma chods!

oh em gee, ur fries I'd makin me hungryyy

get a wig and get on with your life

or don't get a wig and get along with your life. Basically she already has a new bf... who happens to have more hair somewhere.

wheresmyfood 0

:O pull her hair out!

Or light it up!!!

You need bozley ;)

eliseaustin9 0


no on thier place downstairs

Screw her. Shave her head when she's asleep.

keep your pimp hand strong! chain her in the basement so she can't leave you. :P

your funny. Way funnier than that MissBunny bitch, wherever she may be.

Cock blocked by Chewbacca. I think you've hit the low point in your life, son.

anettevamp 0

made my day :)

ThePersonWhoComm 0

lollolololololololololol ? ????????

rebekahah 7

are you purposely less-hairy? grow it out. are you naturally less-hairy? that sucks. :/

thatsexychick 0

omg i love ur hair!!!

ImmortalKratos 0

13....I really doubt that's pretty sure it a mannequin

rebekahah 7

19 no it's me. my skin is really pale, though. 13- thanks :)

minktheshrink 0


rebekahah 7

23- I'm only 14, don't get any illegal thoughts. :) ;)

rebekahah 7

that sounded dumb. forget I ever said that ^

Avenged7Gabe 0

nice hair :)

C6Racer 0

Yea, when I saw your age I was like :O *press x button as fast as I can*

That is the sexiest hair Ive ever seen.