By Anonymous - 26/06/2015 20:08 - United States - Clarksville

Today, after finally spending the night with my longtime crush, it's as if I can still feel her fingers caressing my hair. But wait, no, that's just the head lice she gave me. FML
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You may have gotten laid but the price was paid

lily05_fml 16

You should have done it in the shower


That sounds super gross. How did that even happen?

Gonna guess she had lice..and kissing and/or cuddling created a situation in which their heads touched so the lice waltzed on over to his head too :p

you would think that thats something she would have mentioned beforehand :/

RedPillSucks 31

@7, waltzing lice. :-/ that's precious. business opportunity, anyone?

lily05_fml 16

You should have done it in the shower

But you still banged though so who really wins

No one because both of them have head lice and it was probably a one time thing.

If someone gave me lice it would definitely be a one time thing. There isn't sex great enough to be OK with getting lice.

if I had to guess I would say the lice won

kittykat_bw13 12

my boyfriend gave me lice when we first started going out... he had gotten it from his 6 yr old nephew and had no idea. I'd rather get head lice once and have all three of us get lice shampooed than not be with my boyfriend.

Allow me to direct you to Twitter, where use of mainstream hashtags are much more widely accepted

Or you know, buy a head lice treatment for a few quid...

Yeah, as long as you find one that they aren't resistant to. Plus, having had lice as a kid with very long hair (almost to my knees at age six), if one has hair no longer than to the chin, I'd say chopping it off and let it grow back is less of a hassle.

Other than waiting years for it to grow back. Mine is past my bum and I got them from my little brother, one treatment and they were gone

I've learned from personal experience that hair dye is way more effective than lice shampoo or mayonnaise. That's also my preference, as it also leaves my hair soft unlike lice shampoo. Also, why do most guys immediately turn to shaving their heads when getting lice?

You may have gotten laid but the price was paid

mads_nicole 19

My scalp is itching from just reading this..

giantsfan2010 23

Uh oh, looks like it's spreading through FML now!

I had really bad head lice five years ago, took ages to get rid of. Best go get the chemicals for your hair before it gets out control

Try the lice comb. Just a couple of dollars. Put your head over some sheets of printing paper and comb away. They will fall right out. Crush them with the end of the comb. The eggs will need to be removed one at a time. You will need help for this part. My former friend passed it to me. And no that's not why we stopped being friends.

Hopefully she didn't give you anything worse if you know what I mean...

If she gave the OP crabs as well, then maybe in her mind she gave him the best of both worlds... .....I'll let ,myself out now.