By devinchi - 11/11/2011 08:42 - United States

Today, my buddy told me he was going to get an HIV test at the health department. Without thinking, I told him to "think positive". FML
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Think positive = You got it Think negative = Don't get your hopes up Ye either way nothing should have been said. Silence is golden.

I have a feeling that you're the same person who says "You too!" to the check-in person at the airport when she tells you to "Have a nice flight".


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lol that sucks, way to be a dick :p

what's up with every first comment being lame obviois and unffy?! ever tried being original?!

I agree with 5..You'll soon be "too many negative"

That one of those moments when you're like, "shit..." as soon as it leaves your mouth. This happens to me when I talk to any girl...haha

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you should have been a negative nelly about the situation :-P

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Who care what the first comment says? if someone wants to leave a comment let them say what they want. I bet you two are the types who yelled "FIRST!" in "creative" ways when FML first came out. "You're probably not the FIRST to be insensitive about HIV!" -_-

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Congratulations... You have aids!

Thank you 51! It amazes me what gets disliked here. It's so easy to piss people off.

5, ever tried typing a comment without leaving out half the letters of a word?!

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i hate to tell you this but you have AIDS

I try to but my Ipod auto-corrects myself and I didn't reread myself. I'll do an extra effort next time so everybody will understand my message. Have a nice day.

Think positive = You got it Think negative = Don't get your hopes up Ye either way nothing should have been said. Silence is golden.

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Right. He should have quietly started taking bets. "Oh shit that sounds horrible. Quick something sweet to not sound like an ass" Which he could then donate it to a charity. :D

Yeah. Duct tape, real or virtual is the way to go!

He should have said, "think positively." Then it's describing how he should think, not how the test turns out. You see, grammar matters.

53, what is your picture supposed to be?

#63, It's an upside down dog. It's Rollin'. You hatin?

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"Good luck" or "Hope for the best" probably would have worked lol Reminds me of a joke I heard way back in middle school. "Hey do you have AIDS?" "Hell no!" "Are you sure? "Yes!" "Are you positive?" "Yes! Wait...oh shit..."

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*That should've said HIV not AIDS.

Well, that sucks. Where did your mental filter go? Hahaha...

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Ha ha ha yeah, you suck! Oops! Hope not! Maybe you should get tested yourself!

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Its okay, everyone makes mistakes.

Why do you make comments at all when they're that stupid?

I wouldn't be throwing stones if I were you muffin man.

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Is he (HIV) positive he wants to get tested?

LiveLaughFML 10

no. his friend wanted to get tested for HIV because it's become such a worldwide thing now. sadly, a lot of people have been getting it so his friend wanted to make sure he wasn't one of those people. :(

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Haha yes it was. I had to do it though. South Park reference.

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I think I'm the only person who liked your comment

Appologize to your friendd . Then buy him lunch? :3

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7 - And op should return the barbershop quartet costume he bought so he could do that song from family guy. "You have AIDS"

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The positive thing about an HIV test is being negative! I hope your friend understands that :)

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Now we can't use puns because OP has already done it :)