By ShiriSarah - 20/08/2009 14:39 - United Kingdom

Today, I saw a video of myself filmed last night, hammered, climbing my wardrobe screaming, "I WANT TO GO TO NARNIA" while naked. FML
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If she posted this as a FML, what makes you think she'd want to post it on here for thousands of people to see? Duh. OP, yeah - FYL. :P

It's a joke. Chill out. I'm not so stupid I can't see the embarrassment in this. "Duh".

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I hope realize what drugs do to you; this reminds me of a commercial i saw when this girl passed out from too many drugs and her "friends" drew on her face and tied rope to her hands, making her look like a puppet while some douche was videotaping it.

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never mind please ignore my previous comment, I thought the OP was talking about something completely different. My apologies to the OP and everyone else for the confusion!!!!

What does this FML have to do with drugs?

This is an awesome site you can post your secrets or fears, all right here!:

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yeahhhh sorry about that, but read the comment above it explains it all ;)

#10 was that serious or not? I can't tell

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no sorry i made a mistake lol

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HAHAHAHA yeah that was funny and sad DX I would so do that but i wouldnt be nude DX just say you have a twin sister or maybe you should destroy the evidence but that sucks but then again you shouldnt have done drugs or drink or what ever you did

alcohol is actually a drug. It's just not usually specified as one.

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Well then, I guess my comment can be applied to this FML after all.

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that commercial is ******* amazing.

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LMFAO!!!!! I wanna see the video.

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DUde you are my ******* hero! ....this is freakin hilarious

haha #10 that commercial disturbs me. thank God im so fresh and so clean. i don't see the point to being drunk. High is like meh. but nothing is better than my real state of mind.

How annoying are you. Stop saying things are fake until you know that for sure. This could easily happen. Dick.

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this isn't an FML, it's evidence of a great night

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omg too funny!!! haha id like to see that video. lmao.

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you're kidding right? canttelliftrollingorjuststupid.jpg

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hehe i wanna see that commercial

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The poster of the comment clearly states before that it is a joke you should calm down ;)

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YDI. Remember, these days, anything you say or do can and probably will be used against you on the internet.

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This is awesome. Why is this an FML? It happens.

This made my day as well. Pure win, this story.

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Lol this just made me cry.... FYL

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yeah! its normal to climb on wardrobes and try to go to narnia ive tried it a few times (no sarcasm)