By fatty milkshakes - United States
Today, I found out that my roommate has been switching my protein powder with chocolate milk mix and brown sugar. Since I work out frequently, I've been consuming large amounts of this and have gained at least 10 pounds of fat. His reason? I turned his bookbag inside out. Once. FML
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  Bekll  |  30

I drink a chocolate flavored protein powder drink and with milk it tastes pretty good, but there is a distinct difference between it and real chocolate milk.
I'm guessing OP either hadn't tried his/her protein drink before the switch was made or really can't detect the difference... In the second case that must be some award winning protein drink in taste.

  interesting33  |  36

I think it probably tasted similar as some protein shakes are flavoured. And to be fair OP probably didn't expect anyone to tamper with his protein shakes. And if you don't expect it.... you don't always notice it.

  happyapy  |  16

I had to dope my protein mix with chocolate syrup just so it didn't taste like ass. A lot of chocolate syrup would make the change difficult to detect. However, since the protein is to help the body to recover faster, the extra 10 lbs just means OP needs to work HARDER!

  xdissizit  |  16

Or OP could be mixing it with other things. I mix mine with milk, a frozen banana, and peanut butter and the flavor of the protein powder isn't really there. But then again 30 grams of chocolate milk powder would be pretty strong.

  peppermintpink  |  11

I say get back at him... Add some laxative in what ever he drinks... Even when he figures it out... He'd have to throw the whole thing away... And then say... you should know better than to screw with someone's protein shake... *evil grin*

By  CrissyyyS2  |  22

Like a lot of commenters have said, how did you not taste the difference? Protein shakes are powder, you can definitely taste that powdery texture! Unless you used HOT water or milk whatever it is to melt to down, I'd say you're an idiot.

Other than that... It just means you gotta put some extra workout time and you'll be fine!