By Nikki - 30/05/2010 16:29 - Canada

Today, as a bridal shower gift, I got a "coupon" for 25% off divorce attorney fees. It was a collective gift. FML
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they must know something about your fiancé that you don't. I sense a cheating FML in your future.


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^^^^^^ HAHAHAHAHAHAAA.... eh...... I don't get it

good plan, statistics for divorce nowadays are ridiculous, youll probably end up needing it

5 and 6 I think collective gift means they all pitched in to buy it haha subtle much?

I know that part I just don't get how it's a pwn

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I would be upset with my friends, that probably just means they think your marriage is going to fail, fyl op you have no support from your friends

her friend dossnt think her marriage will last so she got here a coupon so the divorce is cheaper.

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Don't hold on to it, if your new husband found it somewhere, he wouldn't think to kindly of it.

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Number seven I thought your pic was Kesha. DAFP

burn the coupon, don't invite the people who gave it to u to the wedding! have pre-marriage guidance and give your marriage the best u can. seek advice from people u know who have been married for ages. marriage is wonderful and if u approach it properly will be a most wonderful decision! remember some things that many failed marriages neglect: if u don't agree on everything, it is not the end of ur marriage, also remember it is a partnership :) this is all advice my husband and I were given and it is solid :)

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#7, who is your picture of?

ahahahaaahaha that's funny :P well, it would be if they gave you an actual gift along with it. If not, theyre dicks :P

agreed with 56. take the advice with serious thought. and get rid of coupon.

I read this as baby shower. Makes more sense now...

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what he said honestly though, fyl

that's what I'm thinkin too, 'hint hint'

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i think you shoulf woop somebodies ass!

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afatmonkey, that was my cousin.

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hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha that was funny ^^^^^

80, you're a jerk. #1. She looks nothing like Precious. And #2. Let's see of picture of you...oh wait nevermind cause I'm pretty sure you look like an ass crack!

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Who are you calling Precious? I might be big but bitch I am no damn Precious and why you trying to roast me when your lame ass don't even have a picture?!

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thanks for trying to have my back

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That's a little cynical. Though with divorce statistics nowadays... But still, it was a rude gift

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they must know something about your fiancé that you don't. I sense a cheating FML in your future.

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ignore the spelling errors!

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I don't really understand but fyl? haha.

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op that might come in handy later eh daves farm rocks

maijuana plants have 5 leaves. not 7 just putting that out there

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lol that's funny but hey it will probably b handy in the long run.

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I never even knew coupons like that existed ha

You have a bunch cheap friends or they know something you don't.