By Spike2013 - 25/02/2015 05:57 - Canada - Thompson

Today, I T-boned a woman who pulled out of a parking lot right in front of me. According to her, the accident was my fault because she "didn't see" me. FML
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Spike2013 tells us more.

Hey, OP here. I was on the road, the other driver was exiting the parking lot and pulled out directly in front of me. I hit the drivers side front fender and door on her car. I had no time to stop. Fortunately for her, I was well under the speed limit otherwise it would have been a lot worse. The police said she was 100% at fault because she didn't make sure it was safe to proceed.

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Goblin182 26

Stop hiding while driving.

Sounds like she needs to re learn the rules of the road..


gczizza1997 15

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you're not aloud to reverse on to a main road, plus it was up to the lady to see her first before she started to go

you are so misinformed I dont even know where it start...

In this situation both of them are "guilty", which means they both should pay for their own cars repair bills. Also, even though she should be aware of her surroundings, OP had the right of way, not the bitch who pulled out in front of her. You should know that before embarassing yourself.

That doesn't dispute the fact that the woman was at fault for pulling out in front if him.

poostickles 14

Even if op was doing the speed limit and slammed the brakes straight away, there probably still wasn't enough time to stop

@18 that depends on where you live. In my country it's considered as as special manoeuvre, that means that you need to let the other users of the road go before you do.

gczizza1997 15

I can see where I may be misinformed. However, I only wrote this because of a similar situation that happened to me. I woman pulled out of a Stop and Shop parking lot while I was going down a one way street. She sped out in front of me, and when I slammed on my breaks, I did skid a bit and hit her on the left side. It was minor damages, but my Insurance informed me I was wrong because, while I was going 27 in a 30 mile zone, I should have been going slower so that I didn't hit her. Two I should have seen her ahead of time (which I did but she made no attempt to move out while I was farther away). And because I struck her I was found at fault, so I had to pay for all damages. My apologies.

Well time to change insurances, cuz it wan't your fault. Anyone pulling out of parking lot has to pull out slowly while watching for approaching cars.

anyone pulling out of a parking lot is technically supposed to come to a complete stop, watch for cars and then pull out. That's right in the learners handbook for my province, which I'm aware may be different elsewhere, but this FML did take place in the same country as me too. However why would you be at fault for not "driving slower" you were already under speed limit and really shouldn't drive any slower than possibly 10 under, other than while driving in unsafe road conditions.

You just went full retard

My sister pulled out in front of someone and was t-boned, she didn't see them. She got the ticket for ' failure to yield to prevent an accident.' Her insurance paid for all damages. So it's possible to ticket the one who pulled out in front of them, in the US, at least.

I had a motorcycle accident a couple of years ago. A woman decide to park on my side of the road but didn't see me coming. I t-boned her car with my motorcycle. In the end I didn't have to pay anything cause it was her fault.

Something like that happened to me. I was in the turn lane to turn left and this truck pulled out of a parking lot turning left. My car's brakes locked up and I t-boned him. The insurance found him at fault even after he tried to challenge it.

poostickles 14

#37 your insurance company is just a bunch of dicks

#37: does it hurt to sit down? Because your insurance kinda ****** you on that one.

Wow, your insurance company sucks.

Goblin182 26

Stop hiding while driving.

Sounds like she needs to re learn the rules of the road..

1dvs_bstd 41

Jesus has spoken, yall.

Sounds more like she needs to get the hell off the road!

Get out of there pretending that nothing happened, if she asks just say that you "didn't see" her.

why does this one get downvoted? actually it's pretty funny to imagine this situation :D

ChristianH39 30

It would also be a hit and run, immediately shifting fault to OP. And if it's a full on T bone as opposed to just skimming their rear bumper it's not even feasible.

She needs to learn how to be aware of her surroundings.

at least the police will agree with you

Two things 1. Who doesn't see a car? Unless it's behind a massive tree (which the establishment shouldn't have there anyway) 2. I know it's taught in Canada (or used to be, so this may not apply) but it's called defensive driving. You are supposed to always be ready to stop. Now, I know you wouldn't want to stop on most roads that a parking lot leads into, but you should still look and be ready to slam on those brakes.

poostickles 14

Even if op did slam on the brakes straight away, depending how close they were there still might not have been enough time to stop

Sometime when going the speed limit and somebody pills out like that you don't have time to stop. Say you are going 35 miles an hour and somebody pulls out 3 feet in front of you. In that case even if you do manage to get to the brakes you aren't going to avoid hitting them. Where I live people don't even look for traffic and this happens all the time.

#22 #35 True enough

There are plenty of instances of objects at the corners of I tersection obstructing drivers' views.

yeah people suck sometimes

nesteremily 31

Some people are just ignorant drivers. It sounds like you most likely had the right of way.

It sounds like op was completely in the right. But I hate how in an accident each person thinks they're right and that its ok to yell at the other person for it being "their fault." It's called an accident for a reason. It's really rare that people can take total responsibility for an accident. I don't fully get it, but each one thinks they were in the right. Similar situation happened to me. I was in the parking lot and about to turn onto another road in the lot. I'm crawling out at less than 5 km/hr because it's was a snowstorm and complete ice. When this guy comes whipping by so fast that I had to slam on my breaks or I just about hit his bumper. I was crawling, he was not, and he was sitting in his car yelling like crazy, blocking me till he finished his rant. Drivers can be so crazy!

OP you need to take responsibility and cut her some new eye sockets so she can see better.