By xo007 - 04/11/2009 17:40 - United States

Today, as I stepped into the shower, I slipped and fell over the edge of the tub, pulling the shower curtain down with me. I called my roommate to help me up as I put on a towel over me. But before she could help me up, she grabbed her phone to take a picture. The picture became a mass text. FML
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Jordie210 0

what a bitch!

whatevaaaa 0

You need to start planning some serious revenge...NOW


Jordie210 0

what a bitch!

bugmenotmofo 34

Why is no one using the reply feature?

Reyo 2

You know when they say "Revenge is a dish best served cold"? Well, anyway, that's complete bullshit. Aluminum my roommate's face.

Aluminium is cold, haven't you ever tasted it before?

Like this reply? OP: FYL

bonnieandclyde44 0


Wow, your roommate's a jerk. But that's funny.

Erindub 0

I have my own apt for this very reason

whatevaaaa 0

You need to start planning some serious revenge...NOW

Are you part turtle? why couldn't you just get up on your own? YDI for not being self reliant.

kristidgranger 3

I have done that before

If you don't post the pic, it didn't happen...

I actually got that pic message. Haha... So it did happen! Now what punk!?!?

Post it, that's what

Skull_300 0

What the Fuck? Were you still drunk or hung over?

I've fallen... AND I CAN'T GET UP!!!