By Toooldforthisshit - 09/12/2018 11:30 - United States - New London

Today, I found out the girl my boyfriend was seeing just before me is pregnant. FML
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tounces7 27

I'm gonna guess here and say the problem is she doesn't want to be a Step-mom in any way whatsoever.

Congrats! Pretty soon you’ll be a mom every other weekend!


Pregnant with his baby I'm guessing?

I don't get it. Is the problem that he got her pregnant while he was also with you, or that she's pregnant, and you want to be? If it's the latter, you may want to wait a while before asking your boyfriend to get another woman pregnant. He's already going to have to support one.

tounces7 27

I'm gonna guess here and say the problem is she doesn't want to be a Step-mom in any way whatsoever.

Good thing he’s only a boyfriend. Let him go.

ViviMage 38

Being an abused child by the stepmother, it's entirely possible that the current girlfriend/OP doesn't want the baggage from the previous relationship. Aka, no strings attached. That relationship shouldn't be in the present. I was a reminder of that previous relationship and wanted to be part of the current picture to see my father. The stepmother had to deal with Christmas and birthdays and accommodating a child that wasn't hers. NOT saying the OP is abusive in any way! OP, if she chooses to keep it, you might want to consider to have your boyfriend waive his parental rights, that way he won't have his wages garnished or have visitation rights.

TxKitten79 10

The child deserves to have the father in his or her life. And the mother deserves to expect the father to step up. if the father tries to get out of supporting his child, then OP should run far and fast from the deadbeat because if he does that to one, he will do it to the next. I'm sorry you were abused by your step-mother, that's not ok. But not all step parents are like that. I love my step-daughter dearly, and my husband is an amazing father figure to my kids, while their bio-dad is a worthless piece of crap.

TxKitten79 10

The issue is that now the ex-girlfriend will always be a part of this guy's life, and by extension part of O.P.'S life for the duration of her relationship with the father. And it has the potential to get pretty rocky at times.

Pretty sure it's just the fact she's pregnant with his baby....

Congrats! Pretty soon you’ll be a mom every other weekend!

At least you know his boys can swim...

nentenkupo 16

Why is everyone assuming that she’s pregnant with his baby?

MA_medQ 7

Because otherwise the pregnancy is completely unrelated to OP and not an FML at all. Why would you ever think otherwise?

Maybe the pregnant girl cheated on the boyfriend who then just rebounded to the OP. That might be the FML.

What is with all these FMLs lately that have ellipses?

TxKitten79 10

Time for soul-searching. You have to be honest with yourself, and with him. If he has a moral compass, he will step up and do what's right by that baby. Though I highly recommend a paternity test. If it's not his and he doesn't pay child support or want to begin being a father, then he's not worth your time. If he does want to be a good dad, then you have to search your heart and soul and decide if you can handle this woman being in your guy's life forever. It won't always be easy, but if he's the right man for you it will be worth it. And understand that for this to work you have to have room in your heart for his child. Good luck OP. I speak as a step-mother, and as a mother who's husband loves his 4 non-bio children as if they had always been his.