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Today, my girlfriend of 2 months found out she was 4 months pregnant with her ex's baby. She told me I could leave her and she wouldn't blame me, but I decided to stay with her. She told me she loved me and then dumped me because she needed to be with her baby's daddy. FML
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riku3220 2

Hey, at least you don't have to take care of a kid that's not yours! Also, how does she suddenly find out she's 4 months pregnant? She would've missed her period 4 months ago!




yeah dont worry op, shes the one with the messed up life, not u

Yeah sounds like OP managed to get out of that sticky situation! Don't worry OP, you'll find a non-pregnant girl at some point.

riku3220 2

Hey, at least you don't have to take care of a kid that's not yours! Also, how does she suddenly find out she's 4 months pregnant? She would've missed her period 4 months ago!

Actually, some women can have their period still up to 5 months into the pregnancy.... trust me... i know

#18 women can't get their period when pregnant, they can have some bleeding and think it's a period, but it's not actually a period. If they were to get an actual period, they'd lose the baby as well.

Actually you don't start showing until you're about 4/5 months but it really depends on the person.

4 months doesn't necessarily mean that you are showing significantly. My ex didn't start showing obviously until about 5 months and not significantly until 6. She was able to wear a dress to a ball and no one could tell.

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sum people do get their period wen there preggo watch discovery

#23 my sister had heavy bleeding all nine months and my nephew is a perfectly healthy baby

You can still get your period, not spotting, it's a case of every woman is different

addioty 19

156 and 159, it's called spotting. YOU CAN NOT GET YOUR PERIOD WHILE PREGNANT. Your period is the lining of your uterus shedding and that cannot happen while pregnant. You guys have no clue what you're talking about.

I've missed my period for four months before and I'm a virgin

Altough it is called spotting when bleeding heavily it can easily be mistaken for a period which makes the comment about noticing a missing period invalid. We can all argue about semantics but unless you can actually find your egg in your period likes its easter from hell someone with heavy spotting can indeed be surprised after 4 months.

aww...pooryou...:(. sumone needs a hug....

haha seriously....I was wondering the same thing that #2 stated....consider yourself lucky!

@ #2: She could've been on a type of birth control where you don't get your period except for 3-4 times a year and it could've backfired when she did her ex. But honestly, if she's that retarded, you're better off. Not really an FML seeing how you guys were only together for 2 mos.

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aww. well you sound like a really nice guy, staying with your girlfriend even when she says she'd understand if you didn't. a lot of guys wouldn't do that. you'll find someone else. :-)

There's really nothing you can do. FYL

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Haha yes there is, he couldve pushed that bitch down the stairs, Haha nah Im jk. :D

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uhmmmm shes obviously lying to you, if she was prego she would have found out a while ago you cant go 4 months without knowing your pregnant. haha fyl

#21 yeah, and those cases are like 5 in a billion and almost all extremely obese or old women who've already had 8 kids.

Yeah like that 12 year old girl (who was faaaat) who started having intense stomach cramps on a school bus. Turns out she was going into labour when no one even knew that she was pregnant in the first place. Strange.

You guys are half wits I had my regular periods and didn't start showing till 5 months

Being pregnant without knowing for much of the pregnancy is more common than you'd think

Damn. You chose a good bitch. But, you don't really deserve her to dump you after she pretty much threw her slutty self at you, saying you could support her skany ass and the bastard baby if you wanted to. You're a nice guy but next time, don't choose a *****.

*skanky, sorry. I should learn to spell my insults properly. ;]

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Dude, I am so ******* sorry...