By Anonymous - 19/05/2016 13:48 - United States - Schnecksville

Today, I found out that my "girlfriend" is only with me for free transportation. She even has my contact saved as the car emoji. FML
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That sucks OP , start charging gas money ??


That sucks OP , start charging gas money ??

Ouch! Hopefully you dumped her after you found out! You deserve better, OP!

Thank god it's impossible to develop an allergy to to comments, or else the FML community would be suffering terribly. *sniffle* Oh, shit.

They put quotation marks around girlfriend putting emphasis on that word specifically, so yeah.

Take her to a place away from civilization and tell her to **** right off.

She's not worth the extra gas money for one last ride though

not with that attitide she isnt

And here you were thinking the reason you guys only had sex in the car was because of some automotive fetish.

Admit it, you're only with her for a "free ride" as well.

Okay, so I'm just throwing this out here. It's entirely possible that I'm wrong, especially since I don't have the whole story. Is it possible that she saved your number as the car emoji because you're the only person she trusts to be dubbed "safe ride home"? If she drinks a lot, it may be an attempt to make it easier for friends to find her "safe ride".

Did you break your arm with that stretch?

If her friends wanted her to have a side ride they would be responsible and have a designated driver, or at least they could stay sober enough to call a cab.

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this goes a little beyond reasonable limits of using people.