By hustled - 24/08/2012 00:05 - Australia - Newcastle

Today, I found out my girlfriend is only with me because I'm a mechanic and I fix her constantly broken-down car for free. FML
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Break up with her dude. She's not worth it.

mintcar 9

Mechanic boyfriends are so handy. Anyways, now that you know you're being used, it's time to let her go. Let's see how far she'll go without a car.


Break it then dump her.

1 - You can't fix something that's not broken.

Well her heart is obviously in the wrong place.

"Fix" her car by taking a hammer to all of the parts, then charge her for it

Or maybe the girlfriend likes seeing Op fix her car because he looks sexy doing it?

15 - If she is in a garage band, he might just be gay, and most likely won't be calling her, maybe.

Love a man in overalls, gotta admit. Especially if he's dirty. Heh.

#1 you made me laugh :)

FirebirdF350 7

Ah, the joys of being a mechanic, welcome to our lives lol. Find a more grateful woman who cares about you and the mechanic side is a bonus rather than the opposite

Must be a Chevy... Poor girl.

tjv3 10

Is the sex good at least?

Or cut her brake lines lol

Break up with her dude. She's not worth it.

Yeah OP, dump the freeloading bitch!

I actually find it pretty refreshing to see a mechanic being used by a girl. Most girls in Australia I encounter tend to use miners for their massive paychecks! FYL though OP

Break up with and bill her for everything you've done to her car!

But what if shes really good in the sack?

#41- Then OP would be using his (ex)girlfriend as well.

Now, I ain't sayin she a gold digga, but she ain't messin wit no broke n*gga.

mdds 2

exactly, maybe what she's giving him is a fair trade.

Good Question. :D

LiyIa_fml 8

Don't you mean ex girlfriend, OP?

He should have. But guys can be silly and want girls even more after finding out said girl doesn't like him as much as he thought. Anyways, OP, how did you find out she's using you?

CheeseTron 15

Fuck up her car next time.

mintcar 9

Mechanic boyfriends are so handy. Anyways, now that you know you're being used, it's time to let her go. Let's see how far she'll go without a car.

murphy22 6

Having dated a mechanic they are handy and it's even more fun to fix things together an learn a thing or two, but using him to fix a shit car? God that's just down right low.

TriflingAllDay 6

You say this just cause you have a mint car.

44- i agree with you. Im an auto-electrical engineer (pretty much the same thing but more educated plus it sounds like a better job title) and I recently finished rebuilding a car with my girlfriend for her to drive. She loved getting involved and doing things herself. Its much more enjoyable and rewarding working together:)

nobody likes a story topper #81

7 people have by the looks.... Nobody like jealous fucktards #107

Should'a been a mechanic :/

Nah she loves the screws you give her.

She loves how he applies the lube so it goes in smoothly.

I like where your head is ;-)

FirebirdF350 7

She loves the air hammer on her manifold

yumyumpoptart 16

find yourself another hunny!

^^ You remind me of a friend of mine. OP, dump her and move on. She won't be able to after she becomes your ex. Haha.

TriflingAllDay 6


No! Dump her entire body!

So, next time the car breaks down, charge your usual rate. And then she may charge her rate in bed afterwards, and you'll know.

Or do like the dipshit mechanics in my area and fuck up her car even worse.

That's ok. You live in Australia. The land of milk honey and millions of ridiculously beautiful women. Find someone who wants to be your girlfriend in the true sense of the word.