By Anonymous - 28/12/2013 20:07 - France - Sardieu

Today, my girlfriend informed me that our relationship is an open one. This was only after I was told that when she was "stuck in traffic" two days ago, she was actually playing the triple-X version of Twister in my "best friend's" bed. FML
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It seems so hard to find anyone faithful these days. People suck.

Inform her that she is now single.


It seems so hard to find anyone faithful these days. People suck.

Looks like the girlfriend might have.

Did you even read the FML #12?

#28 he was saying his girlfriend might have. A clever reply to #1's comment that people suck, meaning his girlfriend might have been sucking. I'll leave it up to you to figure out what she might have been sucking.

I'm thankful that someone understood what I was trying to convey.

I took that as the girlfriend found somebody faithful in OP.

If you are looking for an example of a faithful relationship, FML is probably the exact opposite place you should look.

Inform her that she is now single.

And inform your "best friend" that his is no longer your friend.

I hope that's ex girlfriend ! Not that she was technically your girlfriend? Uh, I'm confused now...

Oh that's nasty (cleveland voice)

I guess this comment applies to any and every FML now.

I can't tell if I find this phrase more, or less annoying to have to read on all the comments as opposed to the "shitty situation" comment.

left hand: blue, right hand: crotch!

Did she win? By win I mean the great prize which is herpes.

Play Twister with her best friend.

Two Best Friends Play! The hypest cheating on FML

To do list: 1. Dump girlfriend. 2. Excommunicate "best" friend. 3. Live happily ever after Of course you're left with the option of beating the shit out of friend between steps 1 and 2. Sorry OP.

I say you act like his friend for a while then soak his underwear and socks in capsaicin. Then beat his ass and excommunicate him.

I don't think any of the blame should be put on the friend. The girl chose to cheat by her own free will. He just reaped the benefits.

The blame should be split evenly. A best friend would not partake knowing that he will not speak to his best friend ever again. You sound like you are the same as his best friend. I hope none of your friends trust you like a best friend. They would be in for it.

Men are not total animals that lack control. If the girl came on to him, and he was a decent guy, he would have told her no and told his best friend immediately. That's what a real man and a true friend does. They both get equal blame.

You mean ex-girlfriend, right? FYL, OP. That sucks so badly.

How do you know it was Twister? It could've been naked charades.

*mimes vigorous pelvic thrusting* "You're a...terrible best friend? No? You just wanna fuck? Okay!"