By Anonymous - 03/12/2009 08:23 - United States

Today, I found out that my friends were convinced that I was gay. I have known most of them for 3 plus years, they all thought my girlfriend was a special shopping partner. I found this out while announcing my engagement. FML
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I voted in your favor on this one, but then I thought about something. In the three years you knew these people, you never once told them that this girl was your girlfriend? Because that's the only way they could still think you were gay. So I guess you kind of half deserve it.


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Probably because you didn't hide those pictures, you know, the ones of you dressed as a woman, having drug fuelled sex with a man? OMGLIEK2ND. *shoots self*

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shit, that's a strap on? I though s/he was a dude D: Woe is me! Oh... OP, not me ;[

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What was your girlfriend doing the whole time that she was supposed to negate these rumours?

They found out about your drunken butt sex marathon with some guy named Enrique huh?

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is your girlfriend fat? usually gay guys and fat chicks go together like peanut butter and jelly. you should cancel the engagement if she is because fat chicks only get fatter and smellier once you marry them.

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Hey, where's the Salami? Did you hide the Salami?

Look underneath the bed, you find the wierdest things down there...