By augiedd - United States - Schaumburg
Today, after weeks of summoning up the courage to come out of the closet to my best friend, I told her I was gay. Immediately after she started cracking up, thinking it was a joke. I was so confused and nervous, I went along with it. She still thinks I'm straight. FML
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  tukies  |  28

OP is only stuck in the closet if he chooses not to talk to her again. Maybe it can be easier this time. Just say seriously I'm gay. Look her straight in the eye. Don't be nervous OP. Don't get stuck in the closet.

  FiFiLovee  |  26

If she's really your best friend OP she wouldn't judge you based on your sexual preference. She may be uncomfortable with it, but if she really cared about you she would support you through it. Just my opinion though.

  augiedd  |  12

My friend is not a judgmental person. In her defense I told her at 3am (I get a little loopy after 2am and she knows that) But I knew I would need to be exhaustive to tell her. Once she realized I was not joking she apologized and we spent the rest of the night talking about the cute guys in our school!!

  Adeptasaurus  |  12

It's fucked up that people even have to build up courage to "come out". People shouldn't have to be nervous about this sort of thing. I've been down this road. It's the worst experience at first, but it gets better.

  shaww  |  28

Or it's just a best friend kind of thing. I mean if my best friend told me I wouldn't believe him unless he told me again in a serious way

  tukies  |  28

I have to agree with them. I know my 2 best friends joke about being gay all the time. I expect one to come out one day. However if not done in a serious manor I would think he was joking, and play it off. Talk to her again OP. Stay strong this time.

  airhead2015  |  18

I'm not saying its negative. I'm just saying that having your best friend all of a sudden come out as gay wouldn't be something you'd be like "oh, ok" in 5 minutes. They'd probably be shocked, and it also depends on the best friend's viewpoint. Notice all the videos of kids coming out as gay to their parents, even to parents that accept gays, they sit there talking for hours... Coming out as gay is life changing...


I just hope that one day people won't have to "come out". Coming out implies you felt the need to hide it for so long. I get what you're saying though. If my best friend said he was gay I would laugh for a half hour or more. But that's because he is married to a woman, with kids. But my point is that hopefully we as society can continue to change perception so that coming out isn't such a drastic, big deal that takes so long to process. I think the only thing that will change it is time, as newer generations that are being raised to be more accepting grow up and have children.

  kthsdm  |  12

Since OP is a guy and his best friend is a girl, by saying to her that he doesn't believe in the friendzone, by deduction it leaves the only 2 possibilities. One, he is infact interested and has romantic feelings for her. Two, he is gay. Since, they are obviously friends and he hasn't attempted to make his move on her, it can only mean he is gay. By deduction.

Been reading too much of Sherlock Holmes I think.

  redshirt59  |  1

Except that being friend zoned is when a guy/girl is wanting a relationship and the other person is just wanting to be friends.. Whereas both people just wanting to be friends is not being "friend zoned".. But is just a mutual friendship. So there is no logic to your logic.

By  mojo0912  |  13

Be strong and be yourself. I was inspired by the quote of Dr. Seuss and it helped me come out to my friends and family.

Be who you are and say what you feel. Because those that mind don't matter. And those that matter don't mind.