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Today, at work, I served a group of three teens. Their tab was $75 and they tipped me nothing. They wrote a thank you on a piece of receipt paper, put it in a glass of water and used a coaster to turn the glass of water upside down on the table, spilling water everywhere. They also stole my pen. FML
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My generation can be little *****, I have to say ...

This type of disrespect is definitely not confined to this generation. From this site you've seen how ridiculous people of all ages can be.


My generation can be little *****, I have to say ...

This type of disrespect is definitely not confined to this generation. From this site you've seen how ridiculous people of all ages can be.

I can confirm what #11 is saying. I work at a theater and the adults are actually bigger shitlords than the teens.

Should have wrote that, yes. The previous generation -raised- this one.

yeah it's not only our generation that does these kinds of things. I work at a restaurant too and just last night a group of elderly people made the servers life hell, left no tip and then proceeded to complain to me.

I work at a restaurant and the older people are definitely the rudest customers. Every teen that I've ever had to take an order from was nothing but nice.

I use to work at a restaurant, and yea, the adults were always the biggest whining assholes to walk thru the door. me, among many other teens are always polite and tip well, but I suppose its also a geography thing as well.

There are the occasional ******** teens, and a lot of traditional, rude old people thinking they can do whatever.

I work at a cafe/restaurant type place and the other day a coworker was serving a group of sixty-something women, one of them got seriously ill during the course of the evening, she was basically seizing and was repeatedly sick all whilst unconscious. After a few minutes of supposed concern, the rest of her party moved themselves to an empty table and carried on eating their dessert. It took over an hour for the ambulance to arrive because whilst I was on the phone describing her symptoms one of her so called friends kept drunkenly shouting that she was awake and that she would be fine. It took my manager phoning again and lying saying she thought the woman had stopped breathing for them to send an ambulance straight away. I was there and I still can't even believe it happened.

Every generation has it's little *****, not just ours.

@96 That's wild. Hopefully the woman ended up okay, it's ridiculous for it to have taken that long for help to arrive. Even if it's a misdial or accidental call, unless you verbally ensure them it was a mistake (sometimes even that won't cut it), usually they have to dispatch someone, whether it be officers or emergency teams, within a certain window of time. For it to be a legitimate call and them not to respond urgently is absolutely ridiculous. Good on you and your boss for helping that lady while her "friends" were busy being assholes.

Thank you! The reason my manager had step in is because I (admittedly quite immaturely) hung up after 3 phone calls all about 15 minutes apart asking for an update on the ETA, then over 20 minutes of trying to convince them of the severity of the situation only to have the operator accuse me of fabricating symptoms to rush the ambulance, just to get her out of the restaurant because she was probably 'hurting business'. As if any of us were even thinking of that? Pretty sure a woman dying in the restaurant would hurt business more than anything else anyway... I did hand the phone straight to my manager and ask her to ring again in the hopes we would be connected to somebody different, which we were.

I work at a subshop and believe me-both shitlords and angels come in all ages, shapes, and colours.

It isn't just your generation. My father, who is 63 now, told me a story about how when he was 19, he and his friends pulled this is exact same stunt, except it was pennies instead of notes. They did it because the waiter was terrible, but still, every generation has stupid kids, not just ours.

I don't work at a restaurant. That's it. You do, I don't. K. Bye.

A group of my friends and I did this when I was 20 with about $3 in loose change for a $60 tab. The service that night was atrocious. Place was nearly empty, but it took forever to be seated, fifteen minutes before we were even asked about drinks, and more than an hour to actually see food. We never got refills on our drinks. So we figured a shitty move was a fair return. There is a trick to clearing the glass without getting water everywhere, by the way. Place a bus pan under the edge of the table, and slide the glass off that edge. No muss.

You should tip them, they served you pretty well. But seriously, they were dicks, sorry man.

That's right. I always expect my waitress/waiter to tip me. They should be grateful! Too bad they work long hours and are underpaid.

Not sure if #2 was trying to make a somewhat funny and ironic joke saying that the waitress "got served" like the slang version or is just really dumb and actually thinks waitresses tip their tables....

Welshite buddy, it's a play on words... Never heard the expression you got served?

Yeh haha, I apparently posted my response after you did, damn you lack of auto updating!

don't expect people trolling this app to posses basic knowledge my friend. now go ahead and thumb me down everyone who doesn't understand this humor

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Don't you mean *****, Lord Stark?

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Nah that's the Hound. Also known as the bad porridge oats man. Eat yer porridge ye *****

#37 The correct term might be "Punk kids!" possibly read in an old man's voice.

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81- Actually the correct term is Lannisters. Well maybe not since they atleast pay their debts...

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That sucks, this really made me upset... I also agree with #1. Kids suck they are horrible bullies and I'm sorry for what happened.

Some kids* I for one try and treat everyone with respect, but that can't be said for all of my generation.

Agreed. It's all too common for people my age to use being "young, wild, and free" or whatever as an excuse to be little snot-nosed *****. I feel bad enough if I don't say "bless you"...

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We are just so used to being behind a keyboard and being able to say whatever we like without getting blamed for any of it.

I never saw the humor in inconveniencing other people. I'm sorry OP.

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What total assholes. Get them banned from the restaurant. On the bright side of things your FML post was published!!

Douches like them are a dime a dozen. Be strong my friend, and I'm sure you'll meet them again soon - this time serving you through a Mcdonalds Drive Through

... and the water will still be upside down and make a huge mess.

That is straight up rude, they have there karma coming to them. Just try to relax and remember not all teenage kids will be like that.