By Raiders4ever - 21/10/2009 00:44 - United States

Today, I saw my son. I didn't know I had a son. FML
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Dad, look! I'm your son! Son... I am disappoint.

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that kinda sux, but this shouldnt be an FML, if anything your life is prolly alot more blessed, quit being a man ***** and this prolly wont happen again


Doesn't have to be an FML. 'The first day of the rest of your life' and all that crap.

This is the first day of my life... swear my son's there right in the doorway. I got a call from the mom, and suddenly everything changed. He's begging... meeee for money. /cheesy Bright Eyes stuff

#7 ROFL hahahah. i bet the OP is glad that they didn't die before they met her son.

indeed he is, anyone read his page lately?

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that kinda sux, but this shouldnt be an FML, if anything your life is prolly alot more blessed, quit being a man ***** and this prolly wont happen again

finding out you had a kid and a responsibility isnt exactly a bless at first

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wow OP sux at the pull and pray

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Did he just ring your doorbell and say "Hey, I'm your son." Or something? How did you meet? You left this so open-ended, how did you meet!??!?!?

Lol just like that movie with the rock! The game plan " hey I'm your daughter" hahahah

Over 18? Not yer problem. Under? The woman's gonna totally screw you over with child support suits.

Gee.. sorta like what he did to her, only she won't be walkin away for about 17 yrs. Karma's a b!otch You planted your seed, now the moms harvesting greed.

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this is very much an FML, he just met the kid, so chances are the kid was introduced for a reason (so that the mother can get money out of him), and who knows, the girl may have wanted to get pregnant, she may have purposely used defective condoms, lied to him about being on the pill or having got the shot. Or maybe the condom broke and she said that she would go get plan B but never did. I know a lot of girls (sadly) who purposly get pregnant to collect money (both from the father, and cuz you can also collect from the provence (not sure about the states)). why does everyone always blame the guy? its half the girls fault too, in fact more so because she should have taken more precautions because its her body (and before anyone starts calling me sexist, im not, im a girl, i just believe in equal rights, and always blaming guys for mistakes that are partially ours is not equal.)

Finally a girl that thinks like you! I love you damnrosi lol

My cousin's "girlfriend" got preggers on purpose. You know she did. All she does is... nothing. She trapped him, and is now leeching off of him and my grandmother (he lives with her). It's sickening... she still SMOKES too. She dared to ask my mother to borrow her wedding dress. I certainly immediately thought the stupid bimbo the OP sorrowfully banged at least withheld information from him for some time. That's completely unfair to him and to the son. I don't know what makes people do such sick shit.

heyy ughm how bout you learn to effin spell.. its gayy when you cant understand what people are sayin cuase theyre too stupid to spell things the right way...

I think I'll ignore that little mix up u had there

This can't be rated as an FML without more information. This is just so... anything.

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TLI! Too little information. Is this kid 2 years old or 40? Does he want money or just a hug? Is his mother any ol' ho, or was she your ex-wife (or current wife)? Is he hanging out with that pedophile, Obi-Wan Kenobi, while you're trying to run an Empire? Do you remember the sex? That's the good part for most guys (a few of us like being dads, but we still like sex a lot, too!) Spill it, dude, so we can properly bash you.

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Nobody deserves to have a woman not tell you that she is giving birth to your child. He was robbed of seeing his son grow up, and so much more. Don't you guys get it?!

Well, now you do. :] Now tell him to shut the **** up and do his homework! No cookies before supper, either.

9 PM? Damn, kids are spoiled these days! I had to be in bed by 7:30 P.M. when I was a kid, up until I was in middle school. Then bed time was 8:00 P.M.

well.. it takes me about 5 or 6hrs to do hw and assignments plus i have to do other stuff such as dinner shower etc. so.. that makes sense I get home @ 4:30- 5 and go to bed @ around 10-11.. I have to get up @ 6:30.. I wish i could go to bed earlier.. so i don't think I'm as lucky as kids who get to go to bed @8 or 9 and I'm only in grade 8.. it's gonna be even worse in my later years. :/

Hang on katie, let me get a pen and some paper so I can write that down. The internet makes stalking so easy.

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Perhaps, as a 13 year old girl, listing that you are an eighth grader from Brisbane would not be the best idea. I suggest not putting your full birthday and your town.

When I was lucky as a kid, my parents would let me and my brothers stay up to 9h to watch the end of....... DRAGONBALL Z!!!

My bed time all through school was supposed to be at around 8, but I always ended up going to sleep at 10... So I guess I was spoiled?

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Are you sure hes your son? I say take em to Maury, I'm sure theres at least 10 other guys involved

If you'r taking it to Maury make sure you take some dancing lessons before the show. It's customary for the guy when he finds out he isn't the father to break out into dance.

that is my favorite .gif ever. it is even better when a mario hat and goombas are photoshopped into it.