By surefeelslikelove - 06/06/2011 16:01

Today, my mum was filling out a reference for me as I work in the family business. When it came to naming two of my strengths, she asked me what to put as she couldn't think of anything. FML
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that is why you don't ask your mother for a reference...

I didn't know you could have a useless.


that is why you don't ask your mother for a reference...

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^ ur wrong its yanking and smashing

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why are you doing JB in your pic?

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Selena wouldn't wasted her time on fml. she's a busy woman!!

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your a phony!!! a big phony!!!

your bf's a fruit. a really gay fruit.

you're that dependent on your mom? you really don't have two strenghs, do you?

he was right, but you're wrong..failure on that one xD

I got a cheap thrill out of being the 10th thumb down on that comment >:)

37, so. freaking. stupid. Some people really need to go back to first grade...

#55, you say you are a grammar Nazi yet you don't capitalize correctly?

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writing on FML could be one....but still FYL

You should put... Breathtaking and mindblowing, you have to turn that blank mind into something positive :)

I didn't know you could have a useless.

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I want a useless. Where can have I get one?

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Where you can get have one at Walmart.

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She probably didn't want you to get upset by saying you don't have one.

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just put strength 1 and strength 2. works for me:-)

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For most girls, it would be Left Tit and Right Tit. I guess you can always volunteer for the IBTC.