By Anonymous - 11/04/2010 19:11 - United States

Today, my cat brought yet another chipmunk into our house. She never kills them, so they stay in our house until we either capture them or they escape. So far, she's brought in three squirrels, four chipmunks, four mice, and a snake. FML
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that's one badass cat you have there!

Just keep them all in the house... the snake will eventually be the only one left.


cats suck, what did you expect.

Yea I hate cats.

so kill them all ! who cares !

Bring cat out behind the shed Get a Labrador Problem solved

wow. next time get a cat that does it's job

no big deal. chase them out. or close the door so you can chase her away if she's got something in her mouth.

How bout you stop letting your cat into the house?

Op, your pussy is a pussy.

hehe I love kitties!!

Dogs are better :)

You have a smelly pussy.... LMAO but really, it must smell bad

I love Sean's kitty, my cat does the same position his does

You deserve it for having a cat, OP.

Next thing you know, it'll be dragging YOU in. Kill it before it kills you.

What is with all the fmls involving cats?

cats are not my type of animal.. but OP I'll keep the snake

have y'all noticed there's no FMLs about dogs??

WTF, maybe if you get rid of the cat this won't happen. Try a dog next time xD

lol yep 47 that's cuz dogs don't do shit like this :D dogs ftw

Meh, cats bury their own poop, and clean themselves. Far easier in my opinion.

oh that's horrible.. I guess you have to get rid of the cat unless

#14. PETA cares.

Colin, my old dog never got dirty cuz it was an indoor dog, and when it needed to do it's business, it went to the neighbors yard and crapped on their dogs crap. our yard was clean as a whistle :) who says dogs can't be smart

PETA = People Eating Tasty Animals :D

47, there are several, one involving a dog attempting to poop on the carpet, owner yells and startled dog, dog takes off running, still shitting.

Solution: Stop letting your cat come and go as it pleases. There is this thing called a door... And I've had dogs bring dead rabbits, snakes, and squirrels to my doorstep. They are carnivorous animals, it should be expected.

I heard they do this as a form of gratitude to their owners, is this true? :/

mfmylifesrsly, search "dog" and you get 18 pages. Search "cat" and you get 30. Yes, more pages for cats, but still plenty about dogs. This is also disregarding any FMLs about dogs that only say the breed of the dog and not the word "dog" itself. Sure, this also applies to cats, but dogs are more likely to be referred to by the breed than cats. So you're pretty much wrong...

No, it isn't gratitude. It's forewarning.

Just keep them all in the house... the snake will eventually be the only one left.

I think we should all just get a Zebra :D

yea at least your dog killed the stuff

^^^ and ate it all too no mess

welcome to the zoo

duh. who would complain about an animal that doesnt ignore u and plot ur demise?

OP's cat has mad skills.

thanks Tary... and Jessi :)

i mean i agree with cats sucking lol

call Ella Enchanted n they can clean ur house for u :))

44 cuz cats suck and they try o ruin everyones life

66 my old dog was like that too. he would make sure he got as close to the neighbors yard as posible before he crapped I miss him

omggggg scary freakin pic!!!!!

Wait... CHIPMUNKS ARE REAL??? (Damn anti-flood) I've never seen one whudda they look like?

153- yah I miss mine too, he was ftw, now we've got this mental-ass dog that barks at everything

I hate to be one of those guys who do this but Tokyo hotel you're gorgous. and on that note, more pets to live for the op.

that's awesome!! Your cat is win! Sell those buggers he collects. Iono if u can do it tho XD

46 says cats aren't her type of animal yet she has a hello kitty necklace on. THAT makes sense.

#157: Did you think they all sang and wore red sweaters? ._O Just google it, they don't look much different than squirrels.

JIMMY OMG! i just saw your comment xD DUDEE how come you hate cats! THEY ARE ADORABLE! But dogs > cats, i admit it. But still, i'm totally gonna beat yo ass up!

@babirawi u r banging

want a cat? go crap in a box.... get rid of it ydi for having a the worst house pet known to man

why do people hate cats so much? they're awesome

I had a dog once but I think the Chinese communist next door stole her... I got a cat after that and it disappeared too!! Just what animals do I have to own that would keep their chopstick away?

Instead of your cat bringing in something, next it's going to be a dog bringing in the cat!

In Soviet Russia the chipmunk captured the cat

ydi for geting a cat -_-

Actually, there are two reasons for the cat's behaviour: firstly, she loves you - but unlike a dog, the critters she gives you aren't a sign of honour, but a sign of mothering, which brings us to the second reason: she is giving you hunting lessons. This is why she does not kill the prey. She's noticed your appaling lack of hunting skills and so brings live prey for you to catch and kill by yourself, so you learn to kill your own food. She loves you and wants you to be able to survive on your own, so she's bringing home "practice prey".

This is the difference between cats and dogs when it comes to dead things: dogs want to honour you and show you respect by doing the hard work, and preparing you a meal, as it were - whereas cats are trying to make sure you have food AND that you learn to prepare your own meals in future.

KILL THE CAT!! Get a nice aardvark for a house pet (no more ants in the kitchen).

Thank god, we have someone that actually understands the feline animal. The cat just thinks you suck at hunting, OP, and unfortunately, you've landed on lesson number two, killing :/ Your kitty wants you to learn how to hunt

that cat is a whore. point blank.

25 ur hella hott !

LOL at least you'll never starve! >.< it's like a cat that hunts for its master how cool ahahah

time to put her down

your cat is a terrorist to nature. keep it inside you frigging nob

113 Stfu you look like a little queer

Theres also another interpretation of the "Live gift" from cats either you've been adopted by your cat or your cat holds you in such high standards that it's brining you something alive to let you have the kill. Of course since you didn't kill its little gift you're now probably getting hunting lessons :D

buy her a friend? you don't show enough love obviously..

It is not a sign of gratitude. The cat is trying to teach you to give it the food it would naturally eat. Like it would with it's young, it is trying to teach you to hunt.

You suck Story, that's their way of loving because they look at you like other cats, and since cats eat small rodents they give them to you as gifts thinking that you'll like them, dogs don't give you gifts, if you think about it they want more than they give you, yes I know what you're supposed to give them love care food shelter, etc. but the same goes for a cat but at least a cat tries to repay you for it weather or not you like they think you'll like it, dog's may fetch, but cats show affection which is something anything intelligent needs, unlike all you cat haters for not seeing the cats point of view, and cats don't drink from the toilet, and no even if you clean a toilet, doesn't me it is actually clean, bacterium to over 200 per hour.

how cute! she probably wants company (:

you don't have to get rid of the cat just stop letting it inside if it has a freaking furry animal in it's clutches.

or just kill the cat

yeah good luck getting your cat to stop burglars though or chase of coyotes, a good dog will protect their master but a cat will just watch.

@78 Cats or dogs can show their gratitude through gifts. (which, isn't the kind of gift we really like)

Fuck PETA. Even if you are an animal rights activist you should hate PETA... Do some fact-checking with how they handle the animals they take from people. Almost all of them are put down reguardless of their condition or disposition.

or keep it inside

why are you alive?

maybe it's time to get rid of the cat

why do you hate cat's? their really cute and fluffy, their awesome!

that's one badass cat you have there!

what does the cat do with them play the choking game while she drags them in ? also do the chipmunks sing like on tv ? maybe she likes the entertainment ? shes a true pussy for not killing them.

my cat never kills things either. She's brought me a bird (THAT was fun to get out of the house) and lots of snakes.

i take offense to that

No, she's endeavouring to teach her "inadequate human" how to catch her own food. Cats are truly dismayed at our inability to hunt and catch our own prey with our own bodies. She's being an excellent foster mother, not a pussy at all.

keep the snake trust me it will eat te mice and the chipmunks then it will leave trust me because there are 3 in my house

Rofl. Did you keep them as pets?

Ew, Keep the cat outside.

Ajjas013 6

What, no elephants?

Nah, elephants are scared of mice. They wouldn't get along.

your cat is my new best friend.

and your my new best friendS

haha ignore the s :)

ydi for puttin your cat outside

that's where cats belong!

Yeah, come on man. What else are you supposed to do with those things? Unless you enjoy picking up pounds of cat hair, cats stay outside.

wrong - why do many cat owners think that their neighbor's yards/backyards are freely available to their cats? Just as my dog has no business wandering around your property, your cat has NO BUSINESS on mine.

My sisters have two cats, and to my knowledge they've never gone into anyone elses property. Then again, I live on 4 acres of land, so that might have something to do with it.

Hey, Griffin, you finally got an account!

Haha, yes, yes I did. You talked me into it

Agreed! My cat is an indoor cat, and she is perfectly happy. Indoor cats live longer and are healthier than outdoor cats. I had two indoor/outdoor cats get hit and killed by cars growing up, and one was shot with by a teen neighbor with a bb gun. Just keep the damn cat inside! Oh, and you can retrain an outdoor cat to be an indoor cat. Just ask my former stray.

think of it this way you got 12 free pets.