By Jessica - 21/10/2009 18:31 - United Kingdom

Today, I found out who the father of my sister's 4 year old son is. My husband of 7 years. FML
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Wow. That sucks. And this is the first time I was ever first. No one cares. Let the replies to this post begin.

Sorry your husband and sister are such ******.


Wow. That sucks. And this is the first time I was ever first. No one cares. Let the replies to this post begin.

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Indeed, that does suck. And let the posts that chastise this one for not actually replying to #1 begin as well.

I love both #1 and 7. They knew what they were getting into.

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Actually, I think #1 & 7 were trying to use reverse psychology on us so no one would down-rank them or leave replies telling them about what they did. That's what I think, anyways. OP-Take their asses to the Maury Show so you can be sure of this and your slutty sister can't get child support on your husband! (EDIT: you're from the UK? Oh well, go on some UK show that does paternity tests then)

Haha very nice, a little reverse psychology never hurt anyone. OP- When I first read it, I thought it said daughter, not sister. I was like WOAH. It sucks that he cheated on you two years into your marriage. I have no idea how your sister managed to look you in the eye. If you guys have any kids together, I suppose that means instead of a cousin, they get a half-brother. o.o

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lol ME TOO. i was like, wow. PEDO.

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I agree. They actually didn't annoy me. OP: FYL. FYL. FYHusband'sBrother.

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Even if the kid isn't his he still cheated. She should divorce his pathetic self.

haha! I thought I was the only one!!! to OP- OUCH! that's all I have to say.

HAHA WOMEN'S RIGHTS! biggest joke ever

i swear to god i thought op said "my sitter" o.o

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Today, I found out my sister in law Disguised herself as my wife 4 years ago and stole my seed. FML

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Today, I found out that my semen escaped from my testicles while I was sleeping and impregnated my sister-in-law four years ago. FML.

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Two years ago aliens probed me, stole my seed and implanted a mutant baby inside my sister in law. The child will cause the apocalypse. FTW

4 years ago I got bored of my wife so I decided to have sex with her sister. then I got her pregnant and i went back to pickup my wife and we went to IHOP for omlettes FTW FTW FTW

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I hope you don't have kids with this guy already. That'd make their cousin their half-brother, wouldn't it? Still, that sucks. FYL D:

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u shud **** your husbands brother and get pregnant to get even

Guys??? I did not see any mention of rape.... so it took both of them.

Sorry your husband and sister are such ******.