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  NGM_47  |  36

Actually, I think #1 & 7 were trying to use reverse psychology on us so no one would down-rank them or leave replies telling them about what they did. That's what I think, anyways. OP-Take their asses to the Maury Show so you can be sure of this and your slutty sister can't get child support on your husband! (EDIT: you're from the UK? Oh well, go on some UK show that does paternity tests then)

  rukiafujioka  |  36

Haha very nice, a little reverse psychology never hurt anyone. OP- When I first read it, I thought it said daughter, not sister. I was like WOAH. It sucks that he cheated on you two years into your marriage. I have no idea how your sister managed to look you in the eye. If you guys have any kids together, I suppose that means instead of a cousin, they get a half-brother. o.o

By  lemortede  |  25

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  Flutist  |  25

Two years ago aliens probed me, stole my seed and implanted a mutant baby inside my sister in law. The child will cause the apocalypse. FTW

  ZleveL  |  25

4 years ago I got bored of my wife so I decided to have sex with her sister. then I got her pregnant and i went back to pickup my wife and we went to IHOP for omlettes FTW FTW FTW

By  Zigster94  |  6

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