By Anonymous - United States - Minneapolis
Today, I found out that if I say "make a sandwich", it doesn't matter what context it's in, or whether it's a command or just me describing my day; I'll be yelled at anyway by my hipster roommate for being a "sexist cunt", then end up apologizing just to get her to shut up. FML
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  ThePK  |  5

What I'm confused about is that OP is a girl...
Voicing an opinion to someone who would possibly have that same struggle.
Sense totally made.

  AKGirlinSD  |  20

OP's roommate is a bit angry. Sorry you have to deal with her, OP! It is a huge pet peeve of mine that when women think nearly every comment, from a man or woman, is sexist. OP, I wish you the best at finding a better living arrangement.

  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

Yeah that's pretty damn stupid. Hold your ground, OP. Either start intentionally pissing her off so she moves, or ignore her. I don't understand how you're being a "sexist cunt" when you are also a woman. Are you telling yourself to make a sandwich? If so, make sure it's smoked turkey, can't go wrong with a smoked turkey sandwich!

  jenn1808  |  16

@51, women can totally be sexist, it's called internalize misogyny. Feminism is about letting women make their own choices, so a person of any gender that tries to tell you how women "should" behave is being sexist. But OP doesn't sound like a sexist - she's allowed today "I'm hungry, I'm going to make a sandwich."

  threer  |  30


  threer  |  30

Being feminist is different from being a psycho radical feminist. ;) Wanting equality isn't bad, is it?

  ball_crusher  |  4

uh no. that would be patriarchy. tell me more about how false allegations of rape (literally less than 2 percent of all cases) are the reason people don't believe rape victims.

lazy asses.

By  Cazz91  |  21

Tell your roommate to put on her big girl panties and get the fuck over her ridiculous attitude. Just because you suggest someone to make a sandwich to eat does not automatically make that person sexist. You're only sexist if you meant it in a sexist way.