By fuck my liBLARGHSLJNAdlajdSzxz - 05/09/2013 16:39 - Sweden - Solna

Today, after my grandma did some early Halloween costume shopping, I witnessed her modeling a "sexy nurse" outfit. After seeing her bare thighs and most of her ass, I don't think I can eat cottage cheese ever again. FML
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Or a tomato that no grandson should ever see.

Who makes your mashed potatoes #22?.. I wouldn't let that person cook for me ever again.

Thanks OP and the commenters above me for the lovely visual! On a positive note, at least grandma lives an exciting life. She just needs to remember when she has company over.

two of these types of quotes in a row...

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I'm so sorry for you. At least it wasn't a full moon.

Catching a glimpse of that crescent still sucks though lol.

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OP was in need of a lunar eclipse.

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You probebly liked it

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That's gross I'm sorry I don't know a nicer way to say this but GET A LIFE I don't know anyone who would like that except for maybe you why rash on him

The_Big_Boss - You probably spelled "probably" wrong. And you're probably an idiot. Probably.

He OBVIOUSLY did.. That's EXACTLY why he wrote an FML about it.. Idiot.

5, I'm thinking you like that. You're a cub looking for a cougar. But to say that OP enjoyed looking at his Grandma, in a sexy outfit that is extremely revealing, is wrong in so many ways.

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yuck! why would you look? unless she wanted your opinion, then thats just mean of her. grandma shouldn't be wearing any sexy costumes.

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He probably accidentally came by the room and happened to glance in a bad area. Also I hardly think its "mean" of her, considering she probably didnt count on her grandson seeing her. Its more just plain gross.

Just for the record, I have NEVER seen an actual nurse dressed that way. If they did, my job would be infinitely more fun.

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#9, you're into cottage chees thighs?

Also for the record, I have never came across a hot nurse in my life. **** needs to stop lying and getting people hopes up.

perdix 29

#34, oh, I have. Unfortunately, she was assisting on my colonoscopy. It was hard to make time with her, since she thought I was just another asshole.

Much like OP's grandma, I lament the end of the "Golden Age of Uniforms" (1950's-70's). Now they're more "practical" so they can prioritize saving lives rather than appealing to my raunchy tastes. No, I don't want no scrubs!

Doc, thanks for ruining our fantasies about nurses showing off their goods (JK)!

#33, AKA perdix. I am sorry but, rules are the rules. I must correct this, cheese*

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I have part 5 and part 13 on VHS! I usually watch them while I'm eating rice pudding. Somehow, that makes it not so bad..