By fuck my liBLARGHSLJNAdlajdSzxz - Sweden - Solna
  Today, after my grandma did some early Halloween costume shopping, I witnessed her modeling a "sexy nurse" outfit. After seeing her bare thighs and most of her ass, I don't think I can eat cottage cheese ever again. FML
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  AKGirlinSD  |  20

Thanks OP and the commenters above me for the lovely visual! On a positive note, at least grandma lives an exciting life. She just needs to remember when she has company over.

By  The_Big_Boss  |  20

You probebly liked it

  AKGirlinSD  |  20

5, I'm thinking you like that. You're a cub looking for a cougar. But to say that OP enjoyed looking at his Grandma, in a sexy outfit that is extremely revealing, is wrong in so many ways.

  CaiDog  |  20

He probably accidentally came by the room and happened to glance in a bad area. Also I hardly think its "mean" of her, considering she probably didnt count on her grandson seeing her. Its more just plain gross.

  perdix  |  29

#34, oh, I have. Unfortunately, she was assisting on my colonoscopy. It was hard to make time with her, since she thought I was just another asshole.

  starile  |  19

Much like OP's grandma, I lament the end of the "Golden Age of Uniforms" (1950's-70's). Now they're more "practical" so they can prioritize saving lives rather than appealing to my raunchy tastes. No, I don't want no scrubs!