By The_Life - Australia - Sydney
Today, I'm staying at my boyfriend's house and things were getting heated when he got a call from one of his mates wanting to play Counter Strike. Next thing I know, I'm laying in bed by myself listening to him rage. FML
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By  xxDeeStar  |  27

Next time, proceed until things get heated. But just as he's about to jump on you, grab a bowl of ice-cream and start watching Netflix... And that's how you counter strike.

By  PikarooArtist  |  17

Well you could do one of two things:

1. Get back at him by doing the same thing and see how he likes it.


2. Next time you get back together, tell him how how you felt about it because communication is key in any relationship, tell him that doing this upset you and try to do a make up day for it.

  mackdeezy  |  21

Well, technically, a PC is a console.... maybe even a gaming console (its a console that can play games) but isnt classified as one simply to class it separately from a dedicated gaming console, whereas PC's can do more than just game.

By  xxDeeStar  |  27

Next time, proceed until things get heated. But just as he's about to jump on you, grab a bowl of ice-cream and start watching Netflix... And that's how you counter strike.

  ReineRien  |  5

dude, he has every right to say 'no' at any point. He's not obligated to sleep with her, just cause she got 'excited'. No means no, you can't hold that against him. That's equality.

  DanielleinDC  |  32

Nobody's saying he's obligated to sleep with her because things got heated. We are saying it's pretty rude to abandon your visiting girlfriend to go play a game with friends. And unless there's an impending crisis in your life, why answer the phone during frisky time anyway?

By  Saone_fml  |  27

Just go home since he obviously doesn't care to spend time with you if he runs off at the first distraction he gets, and talk to him about it next time when he's not raging yet.

  Lalala579121  |  27

We don't know the whole situation, the boyfriend may not have played with them in a while.

And maybe, instead of picking the option that will inevitably lead to a fight, and most likely a breakup, why not pick the good option for once? Frankly if you'd rather start the whole "you don't spend enough time with me" argument instead of actually trying to spend time with the person, you should just break up right away instead of bothering to go through a fight about it.

  Setareh23  |  34

I think the issue is less that he didn't sleep with her (to ppl saying he's not obligated to), but more that she took the time to visit him and he just ignored her in favor of some other activity. Not so bad if they'd spent a bit of time together before or if the BF doesn't usually do this, but if he's the type to constantly prioritize other activities then I can understand the frustration. If it's the latter, just have a conversation with him OP. I've had similar priority-issues with my bf, and a simple chat fixed the issue. If it doesn't help, then maybe that's a sign you two aren't investing the same amount into the relationship.

  Setareh23  |  34

Oops, my above comment wasn meant as a general post. But in relation to your post... I actually think leaving is sound advice as long as it isn't done out of spite. For example, if she can't participate with him (ie: no second gaming PC) then it doesn't make sense for her to just sit around doing nothing. Leaving might allow her to spend time with her own friends or relax at home doing her stuff. Also, if she's really upset, leaving gives her the time to calm down and have a rational discussion about it with him later.

By  gracehi  |  31

You've just learned what his priorities are and you're not one of them. Time to find yourself a man who will put you at the top of his priorities... or at the very least, above video games.