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Today, my girlfriend yelled at me for jokingly telling her to get back in the kitchen. After we finally made peace and I told her that I fully respect women, I turned on my stereo. The song's first words? "Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks." Cue second argument. FML
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I may be a girl but I'm on your side...sounds like she was being too sensitive

#7: I would label myself as a feminist with an emphasis on equality, but I'm smart enough to know the difference between a joke and an insult. Besides, to "put [him] in [his] place" sounds abusive and controlling. That's not feminism.


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Damn I guess people don't know or like Biggie

Still. It's just a song. I'm sure OP does respect his girlfriend and women in general. His girlfriend honestly seems a little dramatic.

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That's not being dramatic, Im not sure many girls would like it if they was treated like a stereotypical woman.

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I can just see your future girlfriend now... Wait where did she go? Oh right, to a guy who actually respects women.

Either the blood to your brain went to your boobs, or you need to get a ladder to catch that sarcasm that went over your head...

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You obviously don't know what sarcasm is do you?

Shit, no guys that respect women get bitches.

There's nothing I love more than a good domestic woman joke.. Thanks for the fml, OP. It made me chuckle!

I may be a girl but I'm on your side...sounds like she was being too sensitive

I completely agree. If a guy says a comment like that he is joking around. Unless OP treats his girlfriend like an object and degrades her then I don't get why she would be seriously mad.

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I say leave her. If she can't take a joke at all or understand that just because that song played on the radio, it doesn't mean it's you, then you don't deserve it. If she starts arguments over that, she sounds like a bitch. Sorry, OP.

I agree it was an overreaction to a joke, but that joke is far, far too overused by 13 year old boys to be funny. It just sucks as any type of joke.

She's overreacting OP Just tell her you had no idea that that song would be on

advice... good make up sex and you make the sandwich

Nothing better than getting in trouble for something entirely not your fault...

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Sounds like she's one of those dramatic types that likes to keep the fight going. You made a little joke, and had no way of knowing that the song would be on. Your girl needs to chill, OP.