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Today, I found out that as a supervisor, if you reprimand a female worker and end the conversation with, "Now get back to making sandwiches," your boss will consider it sexism and suspend you. I work at Subway. FML
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mismonroe 0

How sexist of them to assume that because you are male you are sexist.


yohooooooo 5

shouldn't she be making a sandwich even if she doesn't work at subway?

K3nnyLaGrange 0

I literally LOL'd at your comment. hahaha!!

hahachun 4
sxe_beast 11

@1 - No. That's not part of the job.

ienjoithinqs 0

why do you need a boss and supervisor from subway in the kitchen?????

now you can go back there as a customer and tell her to make you a sandwich without getting in trouble. :)

Hell yes! More than a win that was a Flawless Victory!

denbeste 3

If a guy ever rudely asked me to 'make him a sammich' then told me to get back in the kitchen or something, I'd make it, put tons of hot sauce in it, then shove it in his face, and continue to pwn him at video games :P

smileeee_fml 0

you made me laugh aswell loll

a tree falls on a woman. what happens? who cares! what is a tree doing in the kitchen?!?

OhSoBueno 0

#58 What if he was black or Mexican? What then?

TheSnakeDoctor20 17

58- and you probably wonder why your a miss

whybother8 0

what does being black or mexican have to so with it? thats racist and im offended.

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girls that act hard like tha put me off

If the supervisor can't do that can the customer?

sxe_beast 11

I totally misread #1's comments. I apologize for my retarded response.

ABRxyeah 0

wanna hear another joke? women's athletics.

are you boys that are agreeing w the sexist shit really that stupid that u dnt know how to make a sandwich by yourself?

It's called a joke. I doubt most of us would really say that to be mean.

aerosmith3312 2

It's not that we can't make the sandwich, it's that we shouldn't HAVE to make the sandwich

no. just women are naturally good at make sandwichs ...we don't want to take that away from them cuz men are naturally good at just bout everything else hahaha

ImaWiseGuy 5

she's not house wife material if you have to tell her to get back to making sandwiches, especially after a reprimand....

yougotapes 7

lol aww sorry Hun but a funny FML

allanaskye 0

does anyone else ******* hate it when people say Hun?

Thunderbender 2

How did you fit a subway inside her kitchen?

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adare 0

Ahahahaha that's a rude way to end a conversation though.

I'm normally against the joke, but this time it really was actually funny. Sorry you got suspended though, darling...

fusebox 0

hahaha pretty hilarious Fml.

natural_blues 0

subway, eat made sammiches by women in the kitchen, now get back to work! :D

Nikkitaria 9

Is your boss a woman? You should also tell her to go make sandwiches

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iSitt 0

it's called DOING YOUR JOB. what was she, part of the salads department?

it's not a matter of respect when your job is literally to make sandwiches. it's just as if a school principle told a teacher 'now go teach' or if a kitchen worker at mcdonalds was told to 'go flip burgers' - I tell my coworkers at subway to go make sandwiches all the time