By not what she said


Today, I was on a Zoom call. My sister offered to go get lunch and I told her, "Don’t forget the baguettes." One overly sensitive coworker swears I used a derogatory slur that sounds the same. I didn’t. However, I’m still going to be investigated by my boss. FML
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  rotflqtms_  |  19

Which race are they discriminating against with the word you're thinking of that sounds similar but not similar enough? I'm trying to think of one, but I can' least if I know the race, I'll be able to look up the word, haha.

  AlanShore  |  10

Ahhh, I've been checking back here all day for some kind soul to fill me in. Once you did, I realised that the FML didn't mention race, I just inserted that in my head.