By lilrudegirl - 22/06/2010 02:12 - France

Today, I found out that after working in the same office for five years, I now work with three of my husband's ex-girlfriends. FML
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well that is awkward... sorry op... at least you're married now and they're just ex girlfriends so maybe it won't be toooo big of a deal


But you didn't know until now, so it wasn't awkward.

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Cody--although we are friends and friends help their friends hook up with their other friends, I have to she's mine :)

lol I'm gonna have to take her from you

8, 14 Thank you oh so very much :) But Anna preaches the truth, I am hers. Shh don't tell RaRa ;)

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You're a fat chick that plays xbox lol! She's more into the slim, playstation type :)

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I'm commenting just so I can see my name in the comments section.

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WTF @guesswh0 why did u guy leave me out >>:(

gamers aren't scary, most aren't very big or strong

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smart man, he knows the goods

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wow that's sounds wired working with *****

lateral puzzle fml ! do you work at the playboy mansion ? is your name Kendra ? or is your husbands name hugh hefner by chance.

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Hugh Hefner isn't married. I don't think :/

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Yes it is scary! Not as scary as seeing your grandmother naked though.

Thanks 44, you're making me blush :) AnnaBananapie! Ahhhh! I <3 youuu! Yeah I don't think he's married either. But why those gorgeous girls would want to sleep with a wrinkly old fart like him is beyond me. He must be an animal in bed. Ew.

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guess who is a retarded lesbian who keeps commenting to draw attention to herself

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Major empire, filthy rich, doesn't wanna get married, filthy rich, good in bed? He's filthy rich lol. Love you too :)

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69--did you really just call her a "retarded lesbian" You fail for not being able to expand your vocabulary and come up with something remotely insulting :)

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look at her pic and tell me she's not a lesbian

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She happens to be a bi sexual lol. Trying to insult someone for something they are well aware if makes you the new FML boob. Go back under your bridge troll.

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correction: she is more than likely an underage girl with half her tit hanging out, pretending to be a lesbian so random guys will think she is "hot". sorry I never post stuff like that on here, but it seems that is the case

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do I sence a chick fight about to go down?(;

I tell my best friend (who happens to be a girl! :O) that I love her, does that make me a lesbian? Thanks for pointing out a sexual orientation that I was unaware I belonged to. ******* idiot. You shouldn't use 'lesbian' as an insult. It's offensive to people who actually are gay. I happen to be straight, but I'm sure there are numerous people on this site who are not. So stfu.

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like I care about insulting gay people

i have that effect on girls they either want my money or sweet lovin and salty choclate balls. or all 3.

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83, I have to agree to a point, but if u notice her arm is more pushing up the lack of boob.... thus trying to make it seem as if she has them to show off... no offense Jessie just calling it like I see it, you are pretty but should present yourself with a little more class, it usually suits people alot better, not to mention u should have more confidence in yourself than to feel as if u have to flaunt what u may or may not have...

Damn Amber is going in... *instigates* =P

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lol no I don't care to Internet battle little kids, I just pointed out an observation I've made after viewing all the comments people leave on fml...and I have nothing against gay people, but I dislike straight girls pretending to be bi to get attention...I find it rather pitiful, sorry.

i love all you girls who take charge. i just wanna eat your pussy rght now.

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Lol, thatguy you missed the point entirely. You should just leave.

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lol well I wasn't referring that statement to you, but if you think I was...maybe it's guilt? lol, I'll try not to get it "twisted" though ;)

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I'm missing something because Jessie's picture looks normal to me.

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I'm not pushing up my boobs in the least bit. Yeah I don't have the hugest ones ever, but I'm proud of what I've got. B's please :) And I'm not pretending to be bi-sexual, nor have I ever. I'm completely open with my sexuality (which happens to be heterosexual). Just because I tell someone I *heart* them, doesn't mean I'm hitting on them. I can asexually love as many girls as I please, without it making me a wannabe lesbian/bi person. I would never pretend to be of another orientation, because I find it degrading to people who are of it. Oh and to "thatguy" or whatever, you should care about insulting gay people, because it's just plain rude. So please, stfu.

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there's going to be some shit going down in that place.

ladiesman - why do you make an idiot out of yourself on EVERY FML you post on. Do you do it on purpose or were you just born with a huge brain defect that somehow still allows you to post on this site? I assume the latter. Go castrate yourself you pathetic little man.

What did I miss this time? Lots of comments missing. Talk about a chick fight. Geez I always miss the good stuff.

Lol you should all get together have a drug fueled sex party/orgy and talk about his flaws

sorry - apparently either I or FML clicked "reply" on the wrong post...

*****?? These are ex-girlfriends - ie, he broke up with them *before* he married OP. How does having dated someone previously make them a ****? Did you possibly miss the part that said "ex-girlfriend" - or perhaps you just don't know what the word "****" means?

At least your husband doesn't work with all these exes.

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@92, ladiesman14, I already regret asking but "salty chocolate balls????" WTF?

FML Mods are Fags!! stop deletin shit that doesn't say first

well at least your the one that married him lol

well at least they r ur husbands exes not like they r his "current affairs"

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Not really. Op, you should go up to ALL of his ex-girlfriends and thank them for teaching your husband how to **** you the correct way.

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Well good for you. I don't think most people here care IMHO. Just sayin.

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Idk if it's just me but you seem like you're 12...and probably aren't mature enough for this app.

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how does he deserve it!? that's totaly unfair!!

wow this just sucks always akward when that that happens I feel sorry for ya FYL

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Oh, well I think we know where he scopes out his prey.