By Anonymous - 14/12/2009 00:42 - United States

Today, I saw my four-year-old son running around outside, and copying everything our dog was doing. I thought it was cute, so I went to grab the camera. When I went back outside, I saw my dog eating a dead rabbit, and my son doing the same. FML
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Kodak moment?

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What The Fuck.


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Why would you -ever- think it was cute to think of your son as a dog? YDI tard.

SweetPotatoVines 0

YDI for having a son. And A dog.

Congratulations on raising the next Bear Grills. Be happy, now you can save a lot of money by not cooking food. Just let him eat random road kill.

that's horribly disgusting OP. I really hope you cleaned his mouth out and checked to make sure he's not retarded.

Simply_J 0

Kodak moment?

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haha agreed

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lol but that is disgustinggg poor mom.... heck...poor kid!!

luv the pic

lol. great comment. maybe take him to the doctor. who knows what is on that rabbit.

124 - ...organs and such?

No, it's more than that. It's Facebook official.

sammichbitch 0

What The Fuck.

you took the words right out of my mouth

that what I was your son retarded?? what four year old doesn't know not to eat dead rabbits???

I'm 4 and eat dead rabbits

soo... wheres the FML? raw dead rabbits off the lawn are, as dora's backpack would say, nom nom nom nom DELICIOSO!

Haha awesome!! Just let your son evolve into a human-dog! this one is favorited!! PS Kodak moment comment made me laugh!

So what? When i was a kid i ate a dead kangaroo with my dogs and i turned into a completely well adjusted and emotionally mature adult........ kind of.

oh yum !! haha na seriously that's gross lol my lil bro ate poo when he was little.. but a dead rabbit is wrong lol

and poo is right to eat?

Quietcannon 0

And by your brother, you mean you?

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Adam, really stfu you are annoying I bet your 8 years old, now go have mommy defend you

yes people who say "first" are annoying, but people who are unnecessarily aggressive are worse, ie. YOU.

Ketz 0

Who's Adam?

i hate it when i cant find the person someones talking about in a comment lol

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104 agreed. It seems like I am missing out on some cool shit sometimes.

Adam commented: "my mom is dead" that's what all the hype is about.

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my mom is dead

Dick weasel..

how come the four year old was alone outside? lol buuuut that is pretty disgusting.

if you have a fenced-in yard and can see the yard from wherever you're working inside the house, why WOULDN'T you let a 4 year old outside alone?


Your son ate Thumper

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ahahahha ur hilarios rukia X'D