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Today, I went to the grocery store with my husband, only to find that his ex-wife worked there. Then I found out he never actually divorced her. FML
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cottoncandymango 17

How is it legally possible for him to be married to two women?


cottoncandymango 17

They've committed bigamy, [i.e. The criminal offense of marrying one person while still legally married to another.] which in the USA and many other countries as being liable for up to 5 years imprisonment. This is disastrous for OP. Did his first wife know about her husband's marriage to you?

graceinsheepwear 33

"They" haven't. HE has. And no one is going to go to jail unless OP opts to prosecute.

I don't understand why everyone is saying divorce him. As long as he is not seeing her or has no feelings for her it should be fine. Getting a divorce is expensive and he doesn't want to lose half of his stuff. Just because he is married to another woman doesn't mean they are still in love.

But it is illegal to be married to two people. Which means the OPs marriage is void leaving her without any of the legal benefits, such as taxes and insurance. She ca be sued for insurance fraud if the insurance companies find out. Better divorce him and sue his lying ass.

64, you don't seem to understand that it is not fine because it is ILLEGAL.

cherry72 13

@#64 I'm sorry but you are an idiot.

Crimson_Summer 10

To everyone saying to divorce him, there is not divorce! Since he was still married to his first wife, his second marriage is annulled and void, meaning it didn't ever exist. Now, she could sue him, and get everything of his.

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graceinsheepwear 33

They aren't married now in the eyes of the law.

how could he marry you then? but yeah divorce is probably big on your mind now just don't make a decision before you've heard his side

How is it legally possible for him to be married to two women?

It's not, very illegal in most places

There are actually a few polygamy laws floating around (which states have it are beyond my knowledge) since marriage isn't covered by the federal government.

SenselessPattern 12

Good chance of finding one of those polygamy laws in Utah. A very good chance....

Polygamy is still illegal in Utah.. I live in Utah and know none. Even though I'm pretty sure it does happen in some rural areas.

sigh. no, polygamy is not legal in utah.

Actually, if I remember my history correctly, there was a federal law passed making polygamy and bigomy illegal.

What a coward. Take his ass to court and divorce that little shit.

RedPillSucks 31

No need for divorce since they're not technically married. Actually, this is either pretty ballsy, or and extreme lapse of memory commit bigamy with women living close enough to bump into each other while shopping. Most people outside of Utah at least try to have some distance between the two families.

Well time to add that store to places to nuke

Woah man, just calm down. no need to kill potentially several hundred thousand innocent people because her husband is a bastard.

arleenxo 11

You deserve way better! Divorce him!

Depending on your state, you can have him arrested for bigamy, teach the jerk a lesson, but not before you do a run on all his credit cards lol.

mangoboy1 19

Is it legal to have two wives?

ArtinHopar 16

Bigamy is illegal in Michigan.. even for Mormons.

ArtinHopar 16

I thought Fundamentalist Mormons can have as many wives as they wanted?

The law and religion are two separate things. Just because Mormons say they can have two wives doesn't mean they can legally get away with it.

It is illegal for everyone, but many FLDS do it anyway. They have ways of being discreet about it.. One is by only having one "official" marriage and leaving the rest common-law. As long as they're all consenting adults (not always the case) most people don't care enough to prosecute. Live and let live.

Mormons can't have two wives. At least it's not practiced anymore, but used to be when it was a newer religion. I should say there's a difference between the fundamentalist mormons and mormons.

#27 you best me to my point there lol damn *beat

threer 30

Shut the **** up about Mormons having multiple spouses. They don't generally practice that, fucktards.