By angry - 22/06/2010 07:47 - Australia

Today, I went camping with my husband. We drove 11 hours to his favourite site before he remembered he didn't put the tent in the car. FML
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ooh husband fail... I'm sure there's a walmart nearby

RedPillSucks 31

Eleven hours? Damn that is major fail. Hopefully the nearest store that sells camping gear isn't too far off.


ooh husband fail... I'm sure there's a walmart nearby

The_grumpy_bear 0

Time to buy a new tent.

what a tard!!!

greeneyesFTWlol 8

^nice bear

dudeitsdanny 9

There's always a Walmart nearby, lol. OP-You must divorce him now. It's the FML rule for husbands' mistakes. Or I'm trollin'

RecklessJellyBea 7

Trees make for lovely living quarters...

allanaskye 0

you sleep in the back seat where you can stretch out and make him sit in the front seat where he can't lean back

wow u don't have a tent but u still have car go find a walmart there every were. it would be funny if the wallmart was a log cabin I would chuckle.

Oh is was the husband! Make him make you a sammich! Or maybe he didn't forget and wanted to do the more manly camping?

I don't think Australia has WalMart...? Correct me if I'm wrong. They have Kmart, Target, and some others....

You are wrong Wal-Mart has begun taking over the world! Just like mcdonalds! There is no hope for humanity to survive......

And continuing the Australia thoughts, I doubt theyre going camping in a city. An 11 hour drive anywhere, in whatever direction I'm sure would land you nowhere near a Walmart or any other type of store, besides a fuel station at best.

alleyx3 0

sleep in the car(:

Australia doesn't have walmart. we have kmart, target etc. but they are not as big in Australia compared to the size of walmart in America

Today, I decided to drive deep into the woods and abandon my wife. After 11 hours trying to get the nerve up and find a spot, I gave up. To cover it up, I said I forgot the tent. fml.

if you are in the wilderness, how are you receiving Internet to write this FML?

54: "You think this is spooky, babe?! I've got to get out of here alone!"

sleep in the woods it might be interesting without a tent I'd do it

zac2012 0

how do uyou forget a tent when you are going camping?

iamchuck reminds me of shaycarl and babytard. xD just an opinion.. and op: you can prob drive 20 mins and get to a store?

hav u heard of 3g lol , or maybe she came back home and wrote it

how do u forget the tent?

sammywhits 0

I have never been to a walmart so I guess there is none near or in California; San Francisco, menlo park, woodside, palto alto, San Jose, Los altos, red wood city or any city near! so prove how there taking over te world cause I definatley do not believe that I think star bucks has.

why does the man hav to remember everything?

pretty sure that seeing as the OP's from Australia, the closest Wal-Mart is tens of thousands of miles away in the US. Also pretty sure that if they drove 11 hours for a camping site, there are probably NO towns or department stores within easy driving distance.

ohhh that totally sucks. I guess he got over excited? 

colts609380 7

OP u spelled favorite wrong

Favourite would be the correct spelling in Australia. Don't worry, we have to read your spelling as well :)

you picked a smart one..

you remind me of Scarlett Johansson..

doink 0

Lol I totally see it!

just sleep in the car. ive done that before

iamchuck 0

That's too bad because camping is in tents.

Wow you must think cabins are also best for camping too right? The camping isn't all in the tent, I rather go hiking, swimming, fishing, and other camping activities then sit in a tent and do nothing or play cards. I can do nothing at home.

RedPillSucks 31

He was making word play with "intense" and "in tents".

I see what you did there! xD

iamchuck 0

I personally prefer to not use a tent when I go camping, but RPS got the gist of my post, but I'm betting he is taller than some.

Yeah sleeping under the stars is pretty awesome! Also you look familiar..... are you Shane Dawson? xD

iamchuck 0

That crazy Chinese dude sure knew a lot. Yes, I am infact Shane Dawson.!!!

RedPillSucks 31

Eleven hours? Damn that is major fail. Hopefully the nearest store that sells camping gear isn't too far off.

Nah, they just need one good-sized kangaroo to camp Han Solo-style! >.<

Ehh, who needs a tent anyway? Just stargaze while laying on a dirt floor. While raccoons take all your food. :D

afallingstar 22

and bugs eat away at your flesh

racoons ate my twizzlers once. I was not happy. they just plunked down on their butts and started chomping away.

88- thanks 92- did you ask them if they liked the twizzlers? be polite!

make a lean to, aframe, swamp shocks or a teepee, i like swamp shocks because you can make another above it and then put sticks around it - Goose

jessiebbex 0

camp under the stars is always fun! but watch out for wolves o.O even if you don't live where wolves are. but fyl op, your husband i guess was to excited

there are no wolves in australia. at all. So the OP does not need to look out for wolves.

greeneyesFTWlol 8

I'm seeing coments apear and disapear like magic :O


TheSoccerGirl 0

sleep in the car