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And continuing the Australia thoughts, I doubt theyre going camping in a city. An 11 hour drive anywhere, in whatever direction I'm sure would land you nowhere near a Walmart or any other type of store, besides a fuel station at best.

  imbatman_fml  |  0

Today, I decided to drive deep into the woods and abandon my wife. After 11 hours trying to get the nerve up and find a spot, I gave up. To cover it up, I said I forgot the tent. fml.

  sammywhits  |  0

I have never been to a walmart so I guess there is none near or in California; San Francisco, menlo park, woodside, palto alto, San Jose, Los altos, red wood city or any city near! so prove how there taking over te world cause I definatley do not believe that I think star bucks has.

  LilaBear  |  1

pretty sure that seeing as the OP's from Australia, the closest Wal-Mart is tens of thousands of miles away in the US.

Also pretty sure that if they drove 11 hours for a camping site, there are probably NO towns or department stores within easy driving distance.

  Trickyklown  |  0

Wow you must think cabins are also best for camping too right? The camping isn't all in the tent, I rather go hiking, swimming, fishing, and other camping activities then sit in a tent and do nothing or play cards. I can do nothing at home.