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Today, my pyromaniac sister somehow got her hands on my dad's lighter and set my bed sheets on fire. My dad said I must have provoked her, and that she can't be blamed for her mental condition. So now I'm grounded, and she has a new doll house to calm her down. FML
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That's some great parenting. sorry about the bed op


That's some great parenting. sorry about the bed op

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This makes me so angry! I don't get how parents justify stuff like this? They are basically rewarding your sister for her bad behaviour. Even if she does have some sort of condition, she still needs to learn right from wrong and that doing bad things have consequences. These types of parents don't realize they're just raising bratty, self-entitled, monsters that the rest of the world has to deal with later as adults. Sorry for the rant, but I'm so sick of parents not discipline their kids & letting them get away with crap or buying things for them just because it's easier than dealing with the problem. I seriously don't get why some people have kids. Lol.

Don't dips the second comment if you have nothing to say, dipshit.

I wonder who your father is going to blame when the entire house burns to the ground one day.

Seeing how stupid he is, he'll probably still blame OP: "I told you to stop provoking your sister! "

Is it bad I laughed at #40's comment?

This is why we can't have nice things, people. Unless you're OP's sister. Then you can have a doll house.

I would be so infuriated, that I'd be engulfed in flames... kinda like your bed.

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I hate parents that encourage their child's bad behavior.

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That's so messed up all around. You get grounded for doing nothing wrong and she gets a dollhouse for setting your sheets on fire. Anybody else notice something seriously wrong with that?

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I don’t know about being messed up look at what state he’s in “Alabama” probably from other side of family.

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Yes, and this is at least in part what is wrong with this child. Alleged mental illness or not, when she messes up she needs a good old-fashioned whippin. That'll straighten her out.

So why isn't your dad getting her help? She's gonna set something major on fire or really hurt someone if not kill them and then what?