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Today, I realized that over the course of this winter, there have been more snow days in Atlanta than days in which I have ever been on a date. FML
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big deal. if you mind that much, go out and get some.

I'm just to damn lazy. plus. I have more time for art and music while I'm single. :) find other stuff to occupy you op. then u don't have to worry about dates


big deal. if you mind that much, go out and get some.

lol, that sucks. You should get out more.

a couple isnt that bad in Iowa we had more than 15

I agree you should atleast try to get out there and find a guy or somthing.

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Well to give him credit, I live in Atlanta and I can't believe how much snow we've got this year. So it's not like there's only been like 2 or 3 snow days.

that's what I'm talking. and if your ugly, go hit up a ugly guy darling. there's love out there for everyone<3(;

an ugly girl* whoops. anyways girls are easy to get just be sweet. and smell good. cause if you stink your down. so take a shower brush yiur teeth and go on a date.

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is the op male or female? sorry I can't keep those little signs strait for shit.

Then he should try the "just be friends first" approach. A lot of the best, lasting relationships, start out as just friends then ppl get more comfortable with each other, etc If all you are doing is meeting random ppl and trying for a date... well that's how it usually goes. if a random girl who I just met asked if I were free I would be caught offguard too.

he probley ask pretty girls out. but if your not pretty then you shouldn't go for a pretty girl. try your own kind(:

I'm sorry #1, not all of us are the confident little men you see on TV. SOME of us need to worry about how others will see our weight, height, clothes, pokemone obsession, and hair! Maybe you shouldn't be careless and consider whose feelings you are stabbing with a cold, hard, long life next time. As for the OP, FYL. Donate to Microsoft, they'll be controlling the weather soon, and tell them you want it to snow EVEN less there.

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third snow day this year :D, and op, if your that obsessed with dating all the time you have a problem.. it not that big of a deal grow up

#26 is really gorgious I wish I had a pity date with her

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get some??? 24 ur smoookkiinnnggg hott

I love how every comment thread seems to fall into a discussion about who wants # whatever or how hot she is, etc... lol The reality is that you can meet girls just like them (based on appearance) wherever you live if you put yourself out there and be yourself...

I would laugh if there was only one snow day but nope cause we got snow days in Arkansas too :)

yes..I agree..OP. Follow these steps. 1. get a life. 2. find someone

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85 so if u don't care y is ur pic u flexxing O.o

Lol @ find your own kind. :) Yes, try Jessica Alba types, if not maybe an Amy Winehouse type? You may have to lay her out a line to pick her up though, and we're not talking pick up lines here... or if your really that desperate,. try the liquor store cashier thats a woman but yet she somehow oddly resembles Richard Simmons. Whats she got to lose?

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If you were really obsessed with pokèmon you would spell it right.

Lol I'd be more surprised if you had said el paso:)

he'll last SUMMER there were more snow days than I have had dates

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haha harsh much? but still true

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that's don't have to be as good looking to ask a pretty chick out. it's about the person; anything could happen; more often than not pretty chicks are ***** and get heartbroken when they get cheaten on; some are mature and meet the right dude and fall in love with personality, humor; go for it; can't hurt.

@103... I never said I don't care about my appearance or that appearances don't matter...I do care and most of the girls I know (who look like the girls you called "smoookkiinnnggg hott") do also... That being said, a girl's personality is infinitely more important in the long run, however, like it or not you see her before you talk to her 9/10 times... All I was trying to say before is that I find it amusing how many threads end up talking about # whatever and how hot she is.

@120 Exactly, that is what I was trying to get at. The girls who are really worth it are those who respect someone for who they are not what they are :-)

120 I agree with you. most of the guy I've liked my friends were like 'ehhh' (I dust think they were tho) and then ended up having the best personalities. and, once you fall really hard for a person, they're even more attractve to you than when u first met them. looks are nice, but it's at the bottom of my list, although I won't complain if the guy is well endowed if you know what I mean ;)

oh and @63 - paigeatsflesh. since you said try your own kind does that mean you go for arrogant shallow assholes?

31 you're hot. 46, the op is male. op, having grown up in Atlanta and whilst living there recieved snow ( if I were lucky) once a year; I do not pity you in the slightest. get out more.

umm 67 ever think that your insecurity is what's not appealing to women?? not to crash on you, just a little thing to think about.

I get that Sandra Bullock comment all the time lately..

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have sexy tine with gin ASAP

that's your fault, it sounds like all you do is complain

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dam we got dr Phil up in here

We've only had 3, unless you count days of residual snow.

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What do you do after you have sex with them?

sounds like my life. to bad it's not fml worthy like yours op. oh wait. I don't thinks it's a huge deal

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I've never been on a date, is that bad? No one wants to date me! :( Maybe you should try and go meet people to date! :)

I'd date you... But anyway, who thinks of the number of dates they've been on and relates it to the number of snow days?

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:) that's exactly what I was thinking

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same, how did you connect those two? maybe the OP was feeling bad for himself well watching it snow? and #7 if you wanna go on a date, you could try askin a guy out, ur good looking so u shud b fine

I've never been on a date before either. I'm a 15 year old guy though...I'm not smooth with the ladies and when I get the ball rolling I always say something stupid.

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just pay ur cousins to take u on dates. happy?

I'm just to damn lazy. plus. I have more time for art and music while I'm single. :) find other stuff to occupy you op. then u don't have to worry about dates

I live in the ATL, so like four no offense guys, plz go get a friggin date!

I live in the A also and we've had like 2 so that's pathetic

whoa the thing I commented on got moderated

can't you just pay someone to go on a date? duh :P

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let's not, and say we did..

wow you are such a loser with no life